County Inn & South Sandusky South for Cedar Point

Back in early spring when the second nights free option at Club Carlson was disappearing we planned our travel out for 2015.  One of Husband’s choices was Cedar Point.  There are two Club Carlson hotels near Cedar Point.  One is 28,000 and the other is 38,000 points a night.  We went with the Sandusky South location at 28,000 points a night.

This hotel is very close to Milan so after dinner on the way back to the room we took a little ten minute detour to Edison’s birthplace.  The cute little town had a nice square and we drove past his childhood home.

The hotel is on an easement road right near the highway, finding the drive was a bit odd. You enter a bit beyond the hotel itself.  And if you use the GPS address on the confirmation email IT IS WRONG, needs a north or south!  Major pet peeve of mine!

Country inn & suites Sandusky south

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The bathroom was nice and large.

We had a two queen room on the bottom floor near the pool. Oddly for a hotel there were no pictures on the walls.

Country inn sandusky south

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The parking lot was full at time with trailers so people did park on the grass. The pool was open nice and late, there is not a hot tub. The water felt heated, it was not a hot weekend when we visited.

Country inn suites sandusky south

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The drive to Cedar Point is very easy. Took us around 20 minutes with traffic.  Breakfast was ample and well staffed.  The first morning offering of eggs, sausage, waffles and cereal/yogurt was good.  The next morning they had french toast, sausage, waffles and cereal/yogurt.

We would most likely stay here again.   The staff was good. There is no recognition of gold status or a welcome gift for gold members.  We used 28,000 points for our two night stay.  Going rate in the summer is $179 – $299.  Winter rates are $89-105.

More information here:

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Hilton Hhonors Triple Your Trip Promotion for Fall

Hilton is out with a new promotion that looks pretty good!

Sign up and stay at any hotel in the Hilton Portfolio September 1st – December 31st, 2015 to earn Double Points on Monday through Thursday nights and Triple Points on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.*

Also once I registered I saw this :

In addition to earning Double Points Monday-Thursday nights and Triple Points Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights*, you’re eligible to receive 4,000 Bonus Points on your 4th stay during the Triple Your Trip Promotion.

Register and more information here:

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Cedar Point Last Blast of Summer Tickets $39.99


Earlier I posted a great deal for people who live in Michigan to visit Cedar Point.  Not to leave anyone out Cedar Point is offering a Last Blast of Summer promotion. The deals is that everyone pays kids prices, so $39.99.  These tickets are good through September 7th, 2015.  Normal gate prices are $62, regular advanced purchase tickets are $49.99 on the website.

Link to purchase is here:

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Marriott MegaBonus is Back

Marriott is offering another MegaBonus opportunity.  Apparently there are four offers floating around. You will not know which offer you receive until you sign into your account and enroll.

Earn your MegaBonus points

When I logged in this was my offer:

Your story will be the thrill of the season — and rewards will get you there.

To earn double points:

  • Register by November 15, 2015
  • Stay at participating properties between September 15, 2015 and January, 15 2016
  • Earn double points on every paid stay*, starting with your second stay, up to 20,000 bonus points

* A “stay” is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of check-in/checkout activity. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

From Flyertalk these are the offers that Marriott has for other accounts:

1) 2,000 bonus points on every paid stay, starting with your second stay, up to up to 20,000 bonus points (maxes out after 11 stays, with no bonus on the first stay).

2) 15,000 bonus points after 15 paid nights + 2,000 bonus points after each additional night, up to 35,000 bonus points (maxes out after 25 nights)

3) 25,000 bonus points after 20 paid nights + 2,000 bonus points after each additional night, up to 45,000 bonus points (maxes out after 30 nights)

4) Earn double points on every paid stay, starting with your second stay, up to 20,000 bonus points

You can register and find your promotion by logging into Marriott and then selecting promotions under my account.

Also remember Marriott has a new points policy starting in 2016 that if you have no activity for 24 months you lose your points.  If you have not engaged in qualifying activity since January 31, 2014, you have until January 31, 2016 to do so before the policy is enforced*.

The following activities do not count toward maintaining an active status in the Marriott Rewards® program:

  • Gifting or transferring points
  • Receiving points as a gift or transfer
  • Earning points through social media programs, such as #MRPoints

More here:

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Our Sorrowful Mother Shrine Ohio

While at the Seneca Caverns we saw a sign showing the local tourist attractions.  One right around the block from the cavern was Our Sorrowful Mother.

We got a little turned around but eventually found the long driveway leading to the shrine.  (I should have written the address down.) There was one other car in the massive parking lot.  There is ample bus parking and signage for the shrine.

Sorrowful Mother Shrine

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I am not Catholic but I do enjoy visiting churches that are not my own denomination.  There can be beauty in many things even if you are no familiar with them.  This chapel has been standing since 1914. There is a larger outdoor chapel onsite that we did not visit that was built much later.

The area behind the church is very wooded with nice concrete pathways that are handicap accessible.  This is where you find all the grottos, there are 34 you can visit.  They also have the stations of the cross and replicas of Lourdes and the Sepulchre Grotto.

Sorrowful Mother

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It was a nice walk through the woods. We only ran into one other person while we were there.  We visited maybe half of the grottos on the large property. They have huge clean bathrooms to the left of the parking area and a gift shop.

Sorrowful Mother

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On the website they offer a little history.  “The Sorrowful Mother Shrine is the oldest place of pilgrimage dedicated to the Blessed Mother in the Midwest and east of the Mississippi River in the U.S.A. In 1850 Fr. Francis de Sales Brunner, a missionary priest of the Most Precious Blood, built on this site a small red brick chapel in honor of the Sorrowful Mother. He did so because of his great devotion to Mary who guided him and his priests from Germany and Switzerland safely to the United States. The shrine soon became the centerpiece of the many missions and parishes Fr. Brunner founded to minister to the newly arrived German Catholic settlers in northwest Ohio. The shrine quickly became a place where people could come and “stand still and feel the presence of God.”

Our Sorrowful Mother is located at : 4106 State Route 269 Bellevue, Ohio 44811

More information here:

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Michigan Residents Cedar Point Buy 1 get 1 Deal


Michigan Residents get an end of summer Cedar Point deal!

How to get BOGO tickets:
The buy one, get one free offer runs Monday, August 17, 2015 through Labor Day, September 7. You can click on the “Michigan Days” link during that time and buy tickets online. Or you can call Cedar Point at 419-627-2350.


When you add one regular priced ticket at $62 the second free ticket is automatically added to your cart.

Here is the link again:

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Seneca Caverns Bellevue Ohio Tour

We headed to Ohio for a weekend at Cedar Point not too long ago.  I had some Club Carlson points to burn up when they were in the process of taking away the second night free perk.  We made plans back in April to visit Cedar Point on a Saturday leaving Friday open for either driving or something touristy.  Some thing touristy that I cannot do at home is tour a cave.

I have vertigo issues that come and go so I figured if it came down to it I could read a book at the car while Husband and Daughter went into the cave.  We easily found the location on our GPS not far from the Ohio turnpike.  There were several cars in the parking lot next to the cemetery.  (If you are traveling with a trailer or motor home they do have ample easy parking for you.)  Bathrooms are clean port-a-johns next to the parking area.  And they have a cute cut out for a family picture outside.  They also offer the mine slouching for kids but we did not take the time.

We purchased tickets and were advised that #1 it is a cave.  #2 wear closed toe shoes if possible. #3 its 54 degrees.  #4 the tour is around an hour in length. We had taken tennis shoes and sweatshirts even though it was August. In the cave I was glad to have them both!  A short wait while we killed time in the gift shop until our tour time came up.  You are given a short history of the cave before you descend through the gate following your guide.

The cave was very interesting.  I think the close quarters made it easier to climb. You grabbed rocks and had walls around you as you went.  Prior to being purchased and open for tours the local kids used it as a club house to hang out.  That would have been awesome!  Crazy to think the original opening the kids went through was only a couple of feet across.

Kids can easily do this tour with their parents. It is well light and our guide was very informative on the history and the fossils we saw in level two.  I would just say that you are doing a lot of climbing on potentially damp rocks.  So do not wear the little $3 Old Navy flip flops or drag your 95 yr old Grandma in here.

Seneca Caverns

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Daughter was in heaven!  She loves caves, climbing, exploring and all the nooks!

Seneca Caverns

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Husband is over 6 foot tall.  Walking through the caves there was a lot of ducking for him.  But the rooms you stopped in did have taller sections so he was not hunched over for an hour straight.

Seneca Caverns Water

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At the bottom of these stairs is the stream.  At this point you are 110 feet below the surface.  The water was very cool and you could drink it if you wished.

Seneca Caverns Path

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Some spots were more of a challenge for walking. Nothing too tight but more like four and a half foot tall openings.  You could not get stuck but you did have to bend/ duck around.

More information here: Seneca Caverns


Open for 2015
The 2015 season opens Saturday and Sunday – May 2 and 3, 2015. Starting Monday May 4, 2015, group tours are available during the week by reservation, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. . We accept Group Program Reservations for groups of 15 or more with two weeks advance reservation. Call for pricing.

Summer hours: Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. Open seven days a week, 9:00am – 7:00pm (last tour departs one hour before closing).

Seneca Caverns is open RAIN OR SHINE! Since considerable walking and numerous steps are involved, some elderly people and those with medical problems may find the tour too strenuous and are invited to browse through Hollowrock Gifts while the tour is in progress.

I did find a discount coupon: Discount Card

Seneca Caverns


$1 off regular adult and child admission.

One card good for up to four people, cannot be combined with any other offer. Present Shore Savings Card to receive discount.
Expires: 10/11/15


Adults (ages 13-61) $16.00
Seniors (ages 62+) $14.00
Child Caveman Package (ages 5-12)
Includes Cave Tour & Paydirt Gemstone Bag
Child (ages 5-12) Cave Tour Only $8.00
Under 5 FREE (with adult supervision)
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Fair Trade Friday 1 Year Anniversary!!!!!!

Can you believe it has been a year since the first Fair Trade Friday box?  Neither can I!  They recently wrote on their Facebook page “A year ago we started with 82 members, which seemed overwhelming as we packed the boxes. This month, we mailed out packages to more than 850 members. Happy birthday to us!”

Crazy!!!!!  And amazing!  I love getting new items each month.  I love it that they have a waiting list so others are joining in.  And I love that we are helping other women and families!

Fair Trade Friday 1yr Anniversary

A photo posted by Stretchingittotravel (@stretchingittotravel) on

So what did I get for the one year anniversary?

Fair Trade Friday August

A photo posted by Stretchingittotravel (@stretchingittotravel) on

Fair Trade Friday August

A photo posted by Stretchingittotravel (@stretchingittotravel) on

The confetti was a fun touch!  A magnet with the artisan prayer, and a bracelet.  A dish towel and the redeemed necklace.  All wrapped up in the celebrate stamped bag.

Fair Trade Friday August

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I have already been wearing the necklace.  I love it!  The necklace parts were made by four different groups but together its a beautiful reminder.

Fair Trade Friday August

A photo posted by Stretchingittotravel (@stretchingittotravel) on

My box helped employ 10 people this month.

Fair Trade Friday Earring of the Month Club

A photo posted by Stretchingittotravel (@stretchingittotravel) on

You can find out more about Fair Trade Friday here:

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Coaster Campout at Cedar Point August 15 & 16

Things To Do

The Coaster Campout is your opportunity to camp for one night IN the park! Your donation includes admission to the park for August 15th and 16th, dinner and a midnight snack on August 15th, breakfast on August 16th, Early Ride Time on Millennium Force and Rougarou and a special Coaster Campout gift.

Coaster Campout Itinerary

Saturday, August 15

9AM – 6PM Registration at the Marina Gate
6PM – 7:30PM Dinner in Lakeside Pavilion
10PM Campers bring in gear from the Marina Gate
10PM – 12AM Enjoy the Park
11PM – 12AM S’mores
12AM Lights Out

Sunday, August 16

7AM Rise & Shine! Campers awake and load out.
8AM – 9AM Early Ride Time on Millennium Force and Rougarou
8AM – 9AM Breakfast near Dragon’s Inn
9AM – 10AM Enjoy Early Entry to the Park

How To Reserve

Tickets for this event are available online only. Each campsite is $200 and can accommodate a tent with up to 4 people. Changes cannot be made after purchase, so please organize your group prior to purchasing your campsite. Campsites can accommodate a tent up to 10′ x 10’ in size. Camp out in the grass near the Cadillac Cars! Only 65 campsites are available!  Ticket sales end on August 14th at 11:59PM.

So $200 total to camp gets admission for 4 people to Cedar Point for 2 days.  Also dinner and breakfast are included in the price.  More information or to purchase go here:

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Birch Box July 2015

I have been on the fence about Birch Box lately….

Birchbox July 2015

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I keep receiving weird lip colors and things I am just never going to use.

Birchbox July 2015

A photo posted by Stretchingittotravel (@stretchingittotravel) on

The lip color again was very bright and nothing I would wear.  The three minute peel seemed to work but I was not a fan of skin balls on my face as I rubbed.  Here is part of the description “The unique gel binds to dead skin cells on the face, neck, and décolleté, forming solids that can be easily washed away with water—all in just three minutes.”  The hair items I will eventually use up so its not all a waste.  The fragrance was not anything that I would wear, even Daughter did not like it.  It was Juliette Has a Gun not perfume.

The last couple of months Birchbox has lost its appeal and I am not sure how much longer I am going to bother with them.  Might be time to try something new…

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