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I have heard a lot of comments on how it “must be nice to travel!” Or “you are one of those families!”  Or “going away again?”  Those remarks make me want to flick people in the forehead.  But some people really want to know how do we afford to travel?  For now that is the point of my blog, that anyone can do this!

We just spent 6 great days in Texas, it turned into 7 unexpectedly but life happens.  It was a wonderful trip and we had the best time!  And it was pretty cheap, cheap enough that anyone really could do this trip! 


How do we do this????

#1 is not being a hotel snob. Really!  Be smart about your hotel choices.  (If there is a hotel promotion going on while I have a hotel stay even better.)  But really look at your hotel choices. I like to read reviews on Trip Advisor so I have an idea of what the hotel will be like.

This past trip to Texas is a great example of hotel choices.  We stayed at the Super 8 on South Padre for 2 nights. With my AAA discount I paid $62.59 including taxes per night.  It was clean, had breakfast and a pool. That is all my family requires.  We walked 2 short blocks to the beach access to the Gulf.  We could have stayed at the La Quinta for $159 a night or the Holiday Inn at $172.  Our child is older, lugs her own towel and toys so we will walk 2 short blocks everyday to save $$$. Looking back my daughter will not remember what hotel we stayed in, but that we got to go to South Padre.  Keep it in perspective!

Also on this Texas trip we used the hotel promo to our advantage.  I needed a night nearer to the airport since we were planning to arrive later in the evening.  $70-90 was the going rate on a list of various chain hotels.  But Marriott has a promo going if you stay 2 separate times you get a night free.  Fairfield Inn fit the bill and with tax was $85.88.  We stayed there on Tuesday and Sunday of our trip.  Earned a free Marriott night in any hotel categories 1-5.  We will use that toward our next vacation.  (And I had Marriott gift cards so we paid even less cash out each night!)  IF there is not a hotel promo at the time always sign up for the rewards program of the hotel. Those points add up over time, some programs are faster than others but why throw away an eventual free night?

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