Fly me away!

How do we do this?

#4 – Use those airline miles!

The fastest way to get a large chunk of miles is credit card signups.  But if you are not comfortable with that do it the old school way.  Use your frequent flier number whenever you fly, shop thru the airline portals, sign-up for the emails.  Granted this will take a little time to build up a balance but slow and steady gets results also.   I will post later on how I earn my miles.

Right now my favorite airline hands down is Southwest!  The “critics” say not to waste points on domestic coach travel.  But if it moves my family around for free or cheap then it works for me! We are not saving for trips to Europe and beyond, right now my family is into shorter trips in the USA.  2250 points will get you a $49 fare on Southwest.  If they are having a sale the points needed to travel goes down, love that!  If you don’t have enough points for round trip you can do a one way then with them. And if the price goes down you can rebook it online and get some points back.  LOVE it!

We recently cashed out for 3 round trip tickets on American Airlines to Texas.  The airfare if I had paid cash was over $1800, yes $1800 for the 3 of us. I don’t have that kind of money to fly around!  I did have 52,500 points so we flew to Texas for the first week of summer break.  It took me a couple of years to save up that many points but a few flights and some online shopping made it possible.

The $49 one way sale Southwest has from time to time is awesome.  I took enough points (2250 each) to book 1 way for 4 people to Minn. / St. Paul.  Then we each paid $49 for the other leg back home for our spring break trips.  $49 to fly to the Mall of America for a few days, why stay home????  It was a great girl’s trip and I love it that we can do one ways with Southwest.

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