Why not earn points while shopping?

How do we do this?

#5 Using online shopping to earn airline or hotel points.

I think I now do the majority of my shopping online. Aside from groceries I can get shoes, clothes, gifts, and anything else shipped to my house.  And often it’s easier to just have it sitting outside my door 3 days later than driving around trying to find what I need.

When I shop online I first click thru the website that gives me the most points/miles for my dollar.  To do so I use http://evreward.com  I enter the site name I am shopping it and evreward tells me who gives me the most back.

I used Kohl’s as an example here and see the following points available.


I usually go for airline miles UNLESS a hotel has a huge promo going.  If Marriott is giving 15 points per $ I might go for them.    If I chose to go with American Airlines I click on the info link and it will take me to the American Airlines portal.  I click thru Kohl’s on their site and I am earning miles on my purchase. It takes an extra minute or two.  But over time the miles add up.

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