Radisson Blu Chicago Girls Stay

We spent a Saturday night at the Radisson Blu Chicago for a girls night.  Not your typical girls night, this was a teenage girl “Girls Night Out”.  The girls LOVED the hotel and are begging to stay here again.  I would be very willing to stay here again myself!

Last year we participated in a Radisson promo that was taking place.  Stay in any Radisson, get a night in any Radisson.  We needed a hotel room before our cruise, all prices being pretty much equal we chose the Radisson to get a future stay.  What a great promo that was. Our room was $89+ tax at the port, and we were able to stay in a much nicer hotel free.

We had great plans to use our free night various times over 2013, and it kept falling thru.  Cross Country meets, friend cancellations, family obligations, and a host of other things made me move this free reservation several times. And the free room had to be used in 2013 or it was lost.  I was NOT going to give up this free hotel room, no way!!!!!

We finally found a free weekend at the end of October and we tied it in with my daughters birthday.  She chose a friend to take for her girls weekend.  I don’t know who was more excited, my child or her friend!

The hotel did not disappoint!!!  The location is great! Just a couple of short blocks from the Chicago Cultural Center, still on this side of the river.  The closest hotel we have ever booked in relation to the train station.  Image

We did some touring in the morning and arrived at the hotel at 1pm.  I had expected to leave our bags and to come back later when our room was ready.  We had lunch plans and things to do, no one wants to haul the heavy backpacks all day.  The front desk told us not only was our room ready but the online upgrade request I had put in was fulfilled.  And we were upgraded to a balcony room thanks to my loyalty status.  Hot dog!!!!!!  We were on the 17th floor in business class with lounge access.   This hotel is now moved up to amazing in my mind and I haven’t even made it to the room yet!


The girls squealed over the room and then over the bathroom. The black sparkly tile is very cool looking. And I appreciated having a large bathroom.


The view looking toward Lake Michigan from our balcony.  I am NOT a height person so I just stuck my head out and quick snapped a pic. The girls loved being out there and I tried not to panic or assume they were going to fall.


Before they could do anything else the girls wanted to check out the lounge and what they had to offer.  Since it was 1:30ish all they had out were drinks.  From 4:30-10 they had snacks like popcorn, cookies, pretzels, nuts, muffins and some wine.  They lounge came in really handy around dinner time when the girls were not really hungry but wanted a couple of snacks and a drink.  I was thrilled to not have to purchase a meal that they were not really going to eat much of.   The girls loved the area and the comfy chairs. Being the weekend and so few guests I didn’t rush them out, we had the lounge to ourselves!  See Millennium Park out the window?


They swam in the lap pool and hung out in the hot tub.  Making faces every time I took a picture.  Image

And as you can see from the balcony photo we were really on a good street to view the fireworks.  They shot off Halloween fireworks at 9:30, so we walked out of the hotel and looked toward the lake. Excellent viewing with no walk!!!!!  Everyone was happy because as crazy as teenage girls can be they seemed to be getting tired.

Breakfast was in the lounge the next morning. The girls had cereal, croissants, and milk.  I had a chocolate croissant that was so yummy and some fresh fruit.  They had oatmeal, yogurts, muffins and some cheeses.  It was more than enough and saved me from having to purchase breakfast for the girls.

We had a great hotel stay that with my upgrade including tax the cost was $29.11.  Not the $405.63 that the same room would have been.  I agree with the girls, I would LOVE to be able to do this again sometime!  We will see what future promotions bring but I do love my travel hacking hobby!

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