The things I do to go to Disney and we still saved money.

This is something I never saw coming. I knew I would be willing to work 2nd jobs, pack a lunch, get rid of satellite TV and cut our budget to travel.  But I never figured there would be running involved.  Somehow I do blame this all on my little sister, but in the end it did get me another trip to Disney.

If you know me you know I am was a pretty sedimentary person.  Stairs, only to avoid the elevators that I might get trapped in.  Walking, only because I need to get to my next location.  If you have seen the movie Wall-E and the people who float around and never walk in the movie you know I could generally be OK with that concept.  I don’t like to exercise!  No into sweating, being tired or thinking I might just die of exertion.  Yup, that was me.  In early September I couldn’t even run for 5 min straight.  I assumed I could but let me tell you, it was ugly!  I even threatened to take my child out of the will that night while trying to run for 5 min straight.  She found that very funny and kept running.

So how does this relate to Disney and why the heck did I run for five minutes that night?  We (my child and I) had signed up to run a Disney 5k.  I thought it would be so easy, you had to keep a 16 minute pace or be swept.  No problem!  I get to go to Disney, I can do this!!!!!

On the plus side, if you book a Disney run you also are eligible for discounts.  Yup, saving money and Disney vacations. My two favorite topics rolled into 1 blog post. You can save on your hotel and on your park tickets!  Win/Win!!!!!  So we gladly took Disney up on the discounts and booked a room at All Star Sports.  The theme fit perfectly! The hotel was $110 a night including taxes and park tickets were $155 for 2 day base tickets thru Run Disney.  Regular Disney tickets would have been $195.96 a person.

If we had booked thru Disney like normal it would have been $741.94, thru Run Disney we paid $593.65. We had the added expense of our race entries, but we still were under $700. If you travel with more than two people and not everyone runs the savings would be greater.

I will do a race and trip recap in other posts. We had a great time and hope to go it again next year. We are even shooting for a longer distance if you can believe that!




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One thought on “The things I do to go to Disney and we still saved money.

  1. I have got to look into this. We have 3 runners in the family and like you, I think I could be persuaded to run to save money!

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