Thinking outside the box – A trip to our favorite discount store

A few months ago the local Amish community opened their own discount store.  This has become our favorite place to browse on a free Saturday.  Since its not close by we tie it in with a trip to Kalamazoo and add in the Amish bakery stop for cookies on the way home.  You never know what you are going to find!


The building is in a converted feed mill outside of Bloomingdale.


Three rows are the bent, dented, outdated, and discount items.  The upside is you never find the same things twice, the downside is if you find a product you really like you might not see it there again for a while.  We dig thru the crackers, rice, cereal, and snacks to help supplement our monthly groceries.  The prices are about what I would pay at Meijer with a coupon on a good day for the items.  The savings comes when I can buy as many as I need, not limited by a coupon amount.

One of our best deals was when we bought 25 boxes of Nabisco crackers at $.99 a box.  We spread the deal around with my parents, my brother and kept some for ourselves. Wheat Thins, Trisquits, Chicken in a Basket and Wheatables that had just gone out of date a week prior.  I have things that are most likely a week out of date in my pantry all the time. Sealed up they are still delicious!

The rice and Mac-n-Cheese are all $.49 a box. Chips are $1 but we take our time to make sure the bag we pick isnt full of crushed chips.  Dog food was $3.99 and the dog treats were 2/$1.

They have opened a new freezer section in the back with free beef, pork and chicken.  The prices seem reasonable for hormone free meat.  We were running tight on time so I plan to explore it more on a later visit. They offer cheese, butter, cider and eggs at very reasonable prices.  The cider was fresh pressed and $3.50.

Several more aisles hold bulk foods. Sugar, Flour, mixes. Monster Trail mix is $2.88 a pound.  I know I pay $.99 for 2 ounces in the quick stop if I want a quick snack. We buy all of our nuts and dry goods there.

My daughters favorite is the 4/$1 boxes of candy and gum.  She will dig for a while to find her favorite gum.


This was our last shopping trip, the grand total was $37.14

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9 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box – A trip to our favorite discount store

  1. I love shopping at our discount store. I can find great prices on produce there too. Thanks for sharing your great buys! Stopping by from

  2. I agree! We do not have a similar store where we are, but we travel a few times a year to see family and always plan trips to the Mennonite store and another to the Amish store while there. The Mennonite store has the bent and dent stuff – teas for $1.67 box, Jams-even only fruit or better jams for about $1.25 jar, crushed tomatoes – med can for 50c, granola bars for cheap by bulk, and more. Love it…time to go again…….. 🙂 The Amish store has their bulk items cheaper than the same items at the Mennonite store, so that is where I get the 50 pound bags of flour and oats, the bulk black beans, raw honey, msg free chicken bullion pwd, spices, herbs and much more. Thank you for posting this…..

  3. It wasn’t until I was a senior in college that I discovered the local Mennonite discount store outside of my college town. I moved away right after graduation and man do I miss that place.

  4. Score! Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

  5. Nice score and a great family outting thanks for sharing visiting from inspire hop have a great day

  6. Oh! Oh! We have a store like this about 45 minutes from me. My mom and I take a trip to stock up once a month. It saves us so much money. I am such a thrift store shopper and love a good bargain. I find a lot of neat things that allow us to change our meals around. Like you said though, that downside is if you find something you really like you may never see it again. I like that it allows me to try new things without worrying about whether I have to throw money out the window because I paid full price. It also allows me to find little items that I can use for recipes on my website. With the winter weather being as bad as it has up here in MI, we haven’t gone in a couple of months. We are looking to plan a trip next week. So exciting!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing with Adorned From Above’s Link Party.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  8. What great finds! Thanks for sharing with us at The HomeAcre Hop!

    Please join us again Thursday at:


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