How the Landry Select Club works for us

Way, way back in 2006 we were planning our first huge vacation. That first trip to Walt Disney World, this was a huge deal for our family. Our daughters first flight, my husbands worries over crazy theme park families and my desire to make it an epic trip.  I may have developed my over planning side while working on this trip.  I read the dis boards, I knew what restaurants I wanted to dine at. I had done the Mypoints program for a while and I had that hot Rainforest Cafe gift card in my travel pile.  The only downside was the popularity of the Rainforest cafe and the long waits I had read about.  But this was my daughters first trip, we had to go eat there!!!!!  Dis boards gave me the hint that is still paying off in 2014.  Sign up for the membership program, get front of the line access.  No long wait, I was very interested!

We spent our day at the Animal Kingdom and planned on dinner at the Rainforest Cafe that evening. We entered the restaurant, saw all the people waiting and my husband started to glaze over. He was not going to wait an hour and a half for this.  I remembered my dis board tip and in the gift shop found a brochure for the rainforest club.  $15 to join, free appetizer each visit and front of the line access.  Sold!!!! I paid my $15 and walked up to the hostess stand with my card.  We were seated in 10 minutes and I was so excited it worked.  We had our free appetizer with our meal and I could see my husband starting to smile again.  I thought that was a decent $15 spent at the time since the appetizers were all around $10 to begin with.

Fast forward thru many trips, many free appetizers and little wait seating.  This card was helping me out one or two times a year. Then like all good things they come to an end, sort of.  The Landry group merged all their cards and I received a shiny new green card in the mail.   The free appetizers is gone but in return you receive $25 to use in your birthday month. And accumulate 250 points you receive another $25 credit to use.  Best of all it still offers the front of the line access.

So in 2014 again I used my Landry’s card to front of the line access at Bubba Gump on Navy Pier.  And my free $25 birthday reward to pay for our lunches.  The short wait would have been 25 minutes until I flashed the host my card.  Then we were the next table seated, my daughter calls this rolling like a VIP.  I just laugh at her craziness and enjoy my cheap lunch.

IF you visit Landry locations its well worth the now $25 to sign up for the Landry’s Select Club as you receive a $25 welcome reward.  We have used it at the Mall of America, Great Lakes Crossing, Walt Disney World and in Chicago.

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2 thoughts on “How the Landry Select Club works for us

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