Using Groupon on vacation

We spent this past weekend in Chicago celebrating my husband and my birthdays.  I love Chicago in the winter, its cold but its cheaper!

When I have time during my day I like to see what Groupon has to offer.  If I see a deal I like I check how long I have to redeem the Groupon first. Winters in the Midwest often have us changing travel plans.  So I make sure I have plenty of time to get to Chicago to use my Groupon.

For this trip I had purchase a Groupon to Gino’s East pizza. I love their deep dish pizza and I love it even more when its cheaper.  $17 got us a medium deep dish pizza and an appetizer.  We still had to purchase our drinks but it made for a cheap dinner out!

The other Groupon I purchased the day before we left. It was for ice skating in Millennium park, only good until mid-march. I didn’t want to be left with a Groupon I couldn’t use so I waited until I knew for sure the weather would allow us to travel.  Skating and rental for 2 people $10.  I purchased my groupon that morning and printed it off around lunch time.  Easy way to save.

We had not been ice skating in well over a year and I hate to pay alot for something that will last us about an hour.  It was a perfect sunny morning for skating and I really enjoyed it.


I make it a practice to check Groupon not only for local deals but I admit I use Groupon more on vacation than I do at home.

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