Sometimes “Points with Cash” is a better option!

Sometimes unexpectedly you need a hotel room. It might be the snow falling at 2 inches an hour, it might be due to a lack of electricity, any other sort of fun surprise that the weather can throw at us.  I use most of my hotel points for vacation but some nights I just need a place to sleep  when getting home isn’t an option.  Last night was one of those nights, I had game plan and when I heard the road was closed near home I was able to quickly book the room online. 

Last night my closest and cheapest option ended up being the Double Tree in town.  Rack rate for two queens was $129, AAA rate was $122. Standard points redemption was 20,000 points or $.00645 a point in worth.  But Hilton also offered a Points and Cash option.  8,000 points and $40 cash.  So $89 off the bill for 8,000 points, that made the points worth $.0111.  I would much rather use only 8,000 points as I don’t have my summer travel planned out yet.  And $40 isn’t bad for a night.  Free breakfast buffet in the morning since I have Hilton Gold Status was a nice perk. But not being stuck out in a snow bank was well worth the $40. 


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