Go see it! Whatever your “it” is!!!!

I am trying to say “Yes” more this year.  If you know me you can laugh a little here, or like my husband roll your eyes.

Back in early February I saw several clips on the news about ice caves. And then the next week I saw it again on another news network.  They looked amazing!  But I have work, child has school, its a distance away…  And I would see pictures again of ice caves.

What really was stopping me from going? Work? I have vacation time. School? She would learn on this trip. Distance?  It was drive-able.  So why did it take me so long to say Yes to myself?  The idea of going fermented in my mind over several weeks before I said Yes.   Stuff like this is why I mess with hotel points, I don’t usually earn with a trip in mind.  So why not go see it? I pulled up my hotel arsenal and went to planning.

I had 2 certificates to Marriott, 1 that expires the end of April.  I had plenty of Club Carlson points and enough for a night or two at Hilton.   Easy pick was to use up the Marriott that expires the end of April.  The rest came down to location. This took some more thought, Wisconsin didnt have many Marriott, Hilton or much of anything past Wausau, WI.  So either we spend the night at a small Mom and Pop place or drive back to Wausau.  And did we want to see anything else since we were all the way over in Wisconsin already?  The planner in me was giddy!

So whatever your “it” is, go see it.  Do you have to save up money to fly?  Start saving and planning.  Do you have hotel rooms to use up by an expiration date? Find something to use them on, even if its in your local town just for a night out.  Say Yes to whatever that crazy idea is.




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