Beach Break – Nature Trail at South Padre Convention Center

We took a beach break by walking the nature trail from the South Padre Convention Center. (7355 Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX) I had to convince daughter she would see something cool as all she wanted to do was boogie board at the beach.

This was the something cool I wanted to show her, she told me we could have just driven by it. Oh the start of the teenage years, looking forward to them so!


Its Whaling Wall #53. We parked right near it and walked along the side of the property to the nature walks. Free to park and walk around the bay side trails/ boardwalk.There is a little garden behind the conference center and these trails take off from the driveway to the left of the conference center.

For some reason there were tons of butterfly in these bushes next to the boardwalk.



We saw a duck who keep hiding when we walked by.


And this crazy duck kept sitting on the rails…



We took in the scenery.



It took us around half an hour to walk the boardwalk trails, look for fish in the water and take a few pictures.



This boardwalk is located next door to the South Padre Birding Center. From the looks of things they used to share the boardwalk trail. In several spots it looks like they put up new boardwalk trail right next to the conference center trail. They charge $5 a person to walk their boardwalk thru the same shrubs and backwaters to the bay. Same bay and 99% the same trail, I wasn’t going to pay $15 for that same experience that took about half an hour.  During birding season you will see more but in early June it was fun to walk and see the local birds.

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37 thoughts on “Beach Break – Nature Trail at South Padre Convention Center

  1. Looks like a great walk………thank you for sharing this. Gentle Joy

  2. Nice images. I love the heron in the “swampy” area. We have many herons visit on the Lake, but I just cannot get close enough to take a decent photograph! Looks like a great place to visit. I’m here from “Feather Your Nest” Friday. . .

  3. You’re so lucky to have been able to enjoy this. I wish there was something similar I could take my kids to around where I live!

    We’d love it if you could come link up your post with us over at this weeks Tell it To Me Tuesday!

  4. Laughing at your daughter’s comment. Yes, the teenage years – so promising… What a lovely little trail though, great way to spend an hour. You got some really nice shots

  5. What a beautiful place. Thanx for bringing us along at THT!

  6. What a fab walk. I’d love to do it sometime as hiking is one of our life’s pleasures 🙂

  7. budgettraveltalk

    Love your photo of the waterbird through the railings. I like taking “looking through” shots as well 🙂

  8. kim

    Lovely! I’m loving those white butterflies! Thank you for joining Little Things Thursday!

  9. I have heard that it is a wonderful place to bird, but it have not been there. Nice shot of the great blue heron and the other wading bird that I am not familiar with. I also enjoyed Wylands wall. It looks like great wildlife habitat and a nice place to visit…. Michelle from Nature Nites

  10. Looks like a great short tour, ducks can be peculiar, the birds are wonderful and I love the butterflies! Thanks for sharing your trip.

  11. A very interesting serie of photos!

  12. HI That was a lovely walk and you saw a good number of birds, I especially liked the duck on the fence, it did make me smile

  13. Herons have such a wide distribution. They come to our town in Coastal BC each year to nest.

  14. I had to laugh at the Black Bellied Whistling Duck sitting on the railing! They’re quite the perchers. Nice heron shots, too!

  15. Sounds like a great place for the migrating birds. Love the Whistling Duck.. Enjoy your week and happy April!

  16. Your ‘other duck’ with the pink feet is called the black bellied whistling duck. And yes, I’d be the same way…why spend the money to traverse such a short distance when in all honesty you can see the same birds for free along the beaches.

    Loved this post…LOVE Texas. It’s a great state to find birds not seen anywhere else.

    Thanks for linking up at the Bird D’Pot this week.

  17. That crazy duck on the rail is a Black-bellied Whistling Duck. They can be quite entertaining. The wall is beautiful.

  18. Wonderful walk. What a joy to do. I especially liked the butterflies.

  19. Nice photos! Some of them remind me of Florida. Thanks for linking on Amanda’s Books and More. Enjoy your week!

  20. Ah, teenagers! It looks like she was enjoying herself. It’s always great to see wildlife–even if they do try to hide!

  21. What a great place. Whaling Wall – love it!

  22. What a great looking place to spend a day! Love all your photographs, especially the butterflies and birds!

    Your shy “hiding” duck is an American Coot.

  23. Nice looking walk.

  24. This looks a fun and interesting walk. I can imagine it packed with colourful birds in the season.And yes, I’m with you on the joys of teenage years! Thanks so much for linking up with my Weekend Walks and hope to see more of your visits!

  25. I was delighted to see you joining us for Two Shoes Tuesday today, with the perfect “trail” post and pictures too! Although I live in Texas now, I haven’t been to South Padre yet, but it’s on my list. Just wish it wasn’t such a long road trip for short weekends! I love visiting such places at this time of the year, or later in the fall, when the tourist crowd has thinned out and I can enjoy the critters, scenery, and natural sounds! Too funny that they charge $5 per person for very nearly the same boardwalk trek, I think you made the smart choice and obviously enjoyed it very much. Your pictures allowed us to go with you, and that made it extra fun!

  26. oh how I do love the birds!!!! They are fascinating to me! THe heron was spectacular! I have to go back to look again because now Im wondering if there was a nest there… Those are amazing…thanks so much for sharing this! Nice to see you at Josies! I have been at a to z so much I missed doing this!

  27. What a nice place to wander for a while. Love the duck on the fence. He looks quite content.

  28. What a beautiful and insightful post this was. For many years my wife and I would search every park, pond and dump for birds to add to the list of sightings. It looks like a great place to visit…free!

  29. Great shots! That looks like a beautiful place to visit! Enjoy the rest of your day.

  30. Love the butterflies!

  31. Awesome shots – thanks for sharing! 🙂

  32. A beautiful place for a stroll and getting close to nature. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  33. What a great walk and lovely art work on the building

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