T-Rex Restaurant at Downtown Disney Florida

T-rex  is a very unique place to dine in Downtown Disney. Its owned by Landry the same people who bring you the Rainforest Cafe.


There can be a long wait from time to time as this is a very popular place to eat with only two locations, Orlando and Kansas City. One way to circumvent the long wait is with the Landry’s Select Club. https://stretchingittotravel.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/how-the-landry-select-club-works-for-us/


There are several huge displays and aquariums.



Kids meals are $7-9 and kids drinks are $1.99. Adult entrees are $20-32, sandwiches are $15-18.


We all shared a chocolate extinction for dessert.  It was perfect for 5 people to share, we all had a taste but were not uncomfortably full.




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One thought on “T-Rex Restaurant at Downtown Disney Florida

  1. Thanks for the tip about being a Landry’s member! WE belong because we like a few of their restaurants in the Denver area, and if we ever go to Disney this will come in handy!

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