Look at joining your local museum!

We have for a couple of years joined our local museum.  To be fair its about an hour away and we have only visited twice, so why did we join?  We purchased a family membership at a discount and use it everywhere we travel.  If your local museum or any museum you will visit is an ASTC member join them to save.  Your membership card will say ASTC on the back and show that at any ASTC museum for free general entry.  Here is a current reciprocal list: http://www.astc.org/members/pdf/LargePrint05_14.pdf


If I can catch a Groupon I pay less than $30 for a year of visiting museum and science centers. Otherwise full price at our local museum is $50 for a family membership.  But your family can be your child and their best friend, or if your husband will not go take your friend along.  (Its generally for 2 adults and up to 4 kids per visit.) We often visit the Museum of Science and Industry with our friends.  The girls check out all the exhibits while we chat, its 2 adults and 2 kids visiting so its free with the ASTC pass.  They check out the hatching chicks, play in the tornado or climb a rock wall.  So keep an eye on the Groupon museum listing!

We have used our ASTC pass so many different locations, for example:

  • Pacific Science Center in Seattle
  • Impression 5 in Lansing
  • Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago
  • Alder Planetarium in Chicago
  • Field Museum in Chicago
  • Discovery World in Milwaukee
  • Milwaukee Public Museum


The ASTC reciprocal is good for any listed museum that is more than 90 miles as the crow flies from where you live. Often your local museum has a separate deal worked out with nearby museums if you buy from them for reduced admissions.

If you visit the following museums with a family of 2 adults and 2 children I have listed what general admission would cost. With the ASTC reciprocal membership you avoid these costs with your one membership.

  • Museum of Science and Industry – $58.00
  • Field Museum – $62
  • Alder Planetarium – $80
  • Impression 5 – $28
  • Pacific Science Center – $62
  • Milwaukee Public Museum – $52
  • Discovery World Milwaukee – $60


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3 thoughts on “Look at joining your local museum!

  1. Funny how often we only visit these type of places when on vacation. Yes, we need to take advantage of our local museums and other activities! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. This is excellent advice. Thanks!

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