Searching for a Romatic Night in Savannah

We are planning travel to Savannah for a kid free long weekend, and I want to make it as romantic as possible.  The historic area, the parks, fountains and mossy trees all scream romance to me. Husband even said he would be up for a Bed and Breakfast stay, pretty much a green light for whatever I book.  Its been fun trying to narrow down our last nights stay location. Some of the places look like a little too floral and over the top, some look a lot like my bedroom at home so I am still looking for the one that is just right.

In my mind I would love a huge canopy bed with a whirlpool, dark walls and some great antiques. Maybe a sitting area optional?  I found sleigh beds, brass beds and four poster.  I found palm trees, armors, and lots of pillows. I didn’t think the search would be this hard.

I love this one but no whirlpool tub or even a soaking tub…

tea olive lighting

For the option of a whirlpool tub in Savannah I found the following locations:

  • Gastonian
  • Catherine Ward House Inn
  • Ballastone Inn
  • Azalea Inn
  • Forsyth Park Inn
  • McMillian Inn
  • Foley House Inn
  • Old Savannah Inn
  • Hamilton Turner Inn


This is not what I am looking for…. gardenia-sidegal-4


But this is much more like it… A whirlpool tub and a soaking tub in the same bathroom.  I might be in love with this room at the Old Savannah Inn!

And there is this one at McMillan Inn….

And this one again at McMillen Inn.

Too many choices and not enough canopy beds.  This search has taken some serious library time at night to look at all the options!

But the most frustrating thing aside from not enough canopy beds has been the lack of information on websites. IF you require a two night minimum that should be VERY obvious. And it should be written on the booking page. Don’t waste our time, you are busy and I don’t want to call to be turned away.  I have emailed and called several inns who only either offer up this information on the phone or in a weird email that simply said “2 night min.”  Posting that information would save us all a lot of time.

So would I love to stay in a Savannah B&B, oh yeah! But now I know why I book hotels all the time instead, I know what I am looking at.  McMillan and Gastonian made it very clear its a two night minimum for the date I was looking at.  Most others actually let you book the one night on their website, I have been calling because I want an ensured reservation.  Good thing, I think they would call me and cancel my one night.

So I am tired of calling, tired of looking and unless something changes I think we are back to a very nice hotel room for our evening stay. Disappointed!

Update:  Someone was VERY helpful and waived the two night booking minimum for our stay when I called to inquire if there was a minimum.  I am so excited to be able to stay at their location, it offered more than I was looking for.  I am sure it will be a great  night!!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Searching for a Romatic Night in Savannah

  1. I just returned from a stay in Savannah although it was a trip for four instead of a romantic two (lucky you!). I can’t help you on accommodations but want to give you a tip for eating out. We went to the famed “Lady and Sons” restaurant and was sadly disappointed! Don’t waste your time or money there. We did find another restaurant right to the South of Savannah called “The Shell House” it was probably the best restaurant we have ever eaten! Just wanted to share a tip.

    • Thanks for the tip. We will have to look into it. I have not heard great things about Lady and Sons lately so it was on our skip list. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I know we want to try Mrs. Wilkes if we can get in!

  2. Our romantic stays are in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I love the little place we stay, not elegant, but has a whirlpool tub and a view of the beach! Love it!

  3. Crystelle Boutique

    A weekend without the kids??? That sounds fantabulous!!! have fun!!! 🙂
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  4. malaysianmeanders

    Have fun on your trip to Savannah. I’ve always wanted to visit there, and it seems like it’d be a romantic place. I think I’d also spend tons of time trying to find the perfect B&B to stay in. I understand what you mean about not wanting it to be just like your bedroom at home. In fact, I think I have the bed that’s pictured in your first photo, but minus the canopy.

  5. plutrell

    Savannah is one city I would love to visit!! Thanks for sharing on the Thursday Blog Hop!

  6. momssmallvictories

    Yay for a romantic getaway. I haven’t stayed in Savannah before. We can’t do anything too flowery either. The only B& B we stayed in was in Asheville, NC and we loved it. Not too flowery, very modern, comfortable and very relaxing. It was a good thing too. Because what was supposed to be a second honeymoon ended up being a snoozefest for me as we had learned surprisingly earlier that week that I was pregnant. Good times 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup!

  7. Savannah is on my bucket list – I would LOVE to go there. Hope you have fun!

  8. It sounds like you will have a wonderful stay! Have a great time!

  9. Love this review and so agree with how hard it is to find just the right bed and breakfast. Enjoyed this and recently made a Pinterest Travel board I want to pin this too. So jealous you get a romantic trip ♥

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