Free Hotel Nights!!!!! Kind of….

Free hotel nights!!! That got your attention didn’t it????

I have people ask me all the time to help them book a trip or find them a good deal.  I am very willing to help but often they seem disappointed, they want the cheap vacation.  It would be nice to pull free hotel nights out of thin air, but it doesn’t work that way.  You need to do a little work and keep building on what you have earned.  The only way to have instant free nights is by credit card signup bonus, most people do not want to hear that. (You can sign up for the Hilton or Club Carlson card and have free nights with in 60 days if you want to go that route.) The other way to get free nights is to earn them with stays.

My strategy is IF I am staying one night I pay cash for that hotel stay unless it is Chicago in July. (Those are some crazy hotel prices!)  I stay at the hotel with the best promotion going on for the area I need to stay in.  Slow and steady.  I redeem them for my larger vacations when I would rather have money for theme parks, museums and food.  And I try to balance it out on vacation, I might pay for 2 nights and redeem for three nights.  Earn as you burn them.

The best thing you can do is sign up for the hotel rewards programs, sign up for promotions (I have them on a page link on the top right of this blog) and earn over time.  Marriott has been great for me, two different hotel stays gets me one night when I sign up for the promotion they have going.

There is no quick easy way in this game, start earning with your next hotel stay and go from there.

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