Sometimes a Hare Brained Idea Turns into a Road Trip – Jelly Belly Visitors Center

I am not 100% sure how we go the idea to visit the Jelly Belly Distribution Center in Wisconsin.  I must have heard/read/seen something and when Daughter was munching thru a bag of Jelly Belly’s in the car I said “Did you know we could go there?”   I say stupid stuff like that a lot and nothing ever happens.  By default my phone rang right then and jokingly Daughter said “Ask Aunt Em if she want to go to Jelly Belly?”  Daughter was laughing hard and thought she was being silly.  Ha, Ha, jokes on her!  Aunt Em having no clue what the heck is going on said Yes.  So we put together a road trip to Jelly Belly and beyond.

Jelly Belly has a Wisconsin Visitors Center in Pleasant Prairie, I didn’t know where that was but its about an hour from Chicago.  Very easy to get to off from I-94. They offer free warehouse tours, a sample pack of Jelly Belly’s on the tour and a very large candy store. Whats not to love!!! Free tour, free candy and it’s Jelly Belly.


Daughter likes to act like we drove for miles and hardly survived the trip. Or she is really, really excited to be here.


Aunt Em has to save her and keep her from fainting in excitement.  Really my family is just weird, I have no idea what they are doing.


This cute promotional car is parked out front.


We entered the tour area and had a short wait before we set off on our train tour through the warehouse.

This photo is from the Jelly Belly site, I forgot to take a pic of happy people on the train.


Instead I got a too cool tween child in my picture.


The very cool pictures on the walls are made with Jelly beans.  They are insane! The tour tells you about how Jelly Bellys are made as you skirt the outside of the giant shipping racks. There are little movies about the history of Jelly Belly and it shows production in its factory.

After the tour and your complementary gift of a little bag of Jelly Bellys you exit into the gift shop.  Here you can mix your own bag of favorite flavors. Daughter made a small bag of just chocolate and marshmallow flavored beans.  And they sell the discounted Belly Flops!!!!! 2 pounds of sugary goodness.  We bought two bags because you don’t want to run out of candy on a road trip!


The warehouse tours are available Daily from 9am to 4pm Central Time.  They are not open New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. The visit is free.



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10 thoughts on “Sometimes a Hare Brained Idea Turns into a Road Trip – Jelly Belly Visitors Center

  1. How fun! We love Jelly Bellys, so it would be interesting to stop by for the tour – and to check out the candy shop! 🙂

  2. Oh oh, that place looks like trouble, love the idea of the belly flops…would have loved to check out more of those belly paintings!

  3. momssmallvictories

    how fun!

  4. I love that your family has crazy characters and that the photos are made out of jelly bellys. I would run a mile from that train though!

  5. Didn’t know Jelly Belly had a Visitors Center.
    Looks like a fun, fun trip!

  6. malaysianmeanders

    I didn’t realize there was a Jelly Belly Visitors Center nearish Chicago. I thought northern California had the only one. As I have never been to either, I would definitely want to visit here. Doesn’t seem hare brained to me at all! I like the train. What a great way to make a fun outing even better. Do the Belly Flops have something wrong with them? My friends used to buy food from the Sara Lee outlet store that didn’t pass quality control and guess what was wrong with each one.

  7. Once you have kids it’s easy to get the idea that spontaneous trips are impossible. But they aren’t. And they can be fun because you’ve had no time to build up your kids expectations and get them over-excited. they just go with it

  8. Boy does this ever bring back memories. When my daughter was in high school we took her and two of her friends to San Fran for Spring break. On the way we stopped off at the Jelly Belly store. They had a ball and I remember that car! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. kelly

    Emily looks great….you girls are so funny… it was fun though

  10. What a fun tour! I didn’t realize they have one in WI too. Years ago, we went to the factory in Northern California. Such a happy place! Thanks for sharing at the Creative Ways Link Party!

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