Magnolia Plantation Swamp Tour – Charleston

We were driving from Charleston to Savannah in the afternoon so I really had limited time to visit a swamp. We had talked of visiting other swamp locations like Beidler Forest ( )  or Cypress Gardens ( ) but for the sake of time chose to visit the one at Magnolia since we were there already.

We paid an additional $8 to tour the Audubon swamp at Magnolia Plantation.  Most of the large gators are already in the shade for the day and there were only a few turtles out sunning in the heat.

We arrived around 11:30 which is kind of late to be touring a swamp.  (Husband hitting his head took a bit of time. He had to clean up and stop the bleeding. And then I hit the gift shop for a few minutes after the gardens. ) For a Saturday there were not many visitors on the swamp trail. We only ran in to a couple of photographers.



There is an old grave yard to the right of the rookery.




This cute little guy was bobbing on a stick.



This guy swimming in the water is about 6 foot, I have heard there are larger gators here that are 10-12 foot. We did not see any that large.




There is a large shaded parking lot and air conditioned bathrooms for the trail.  I would like to do this earlier in the morning next time.

The Audubon Swamp Garden is open 365 days a year until 5:30pm.  Allow an hour for a self guided walk.

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13 thoughts on “Magnolia Plantation Swamp Tour – Charleston

  1. We went to Savannah on vacation in April of last year and made a day trip to Charleston. I loved both cities and we will definitely return. We didn’t check out this awesome critter refuge but will most certainly add it to our list, looks like fun! We don’t get many chances to see animals like these up close and personal (perhaps that’s a good thing), but it sure is fascinating! Thank you for sharing this adventure with us for Two Shoes Tuesday! 🙂

  2. It was good to walk around the swamp with you. I love the idea of your blog concentrating on travel with the family and giving hints and making a little on the side with the ads.

  3. oh wow! I want to go check out all kinds of swamps now! How beautifully cool. I love the turtle! Ive only seen a gator once in the everglades and it was a baby… I so want to go back!

  4. I have been there! I live in Bluffton, SC and I love coming to that area! I never get tired of beautiful Charleston. Hugs Maria

  5. Great pictures. You are right …morning is bestfor walking in the swamp or anywhere in Charleston this time of tear.

  6. Cool! I don’t think I have seen an adult alligator before. Great pictures! : )

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