Owen Thomas House in Savannah

After our walking tour took us past the Owen Thomas House the day before I knew I wanted to tour this home. The front entry was so different with the curved doors from our local architecture.  Luckily the home was open for tours on Sunday afternoons.


You purchase your tour tickets in the gift shop and the tours begin in the carriage house.  We arrived at 1:10 and had to wait for the 1:30 tour.  Luckily with the heat they let us wait in the cooler carriage house and look around.

The cost is steep at $15 a person. (Usually I pay under $10 to tour a home.) If you pay $20 you are given admission to the other two art museum sites but those did not interest us, nor did we have the time.

We had roughly fifteen people on our tour and that was almost too large. Our guide was a little soft spoken and with so many people it was sometimes hard to hear her.  And the other oddity was the security guard in the home roaming after our tour.  That was new to me.

It was interesting that the house built in 1819 had “running” water from the cisterns.   The dining room is amazing!  I purchased the small hardcover book from the gift shop to have a photo of that room!

The inlay brass on the stairway was a genius idea. It would have never occurred to me that something so ornate would help you see by candle light.  And that is a bridge to the two rooms on the other side of the home.

toh oth

There is no photography allowed inside. I found these photos at Savannah Now.  There were a couple of postcards of the home for sale or a nice little hardcover book.  I wanted to show my family the home so I opted for the $12 book.

After the tour you exit into the garden area and can spend as much time there are you wish.



It was a very interesting house. But at $15 a person I wish then the groups were smaller.  16 people including a guide is a little too large to see/hear everything.  The house is beautiful and I am glad I got to see inside.



PLEASE NOTE: Guided Tours Only. Last tour leaves at 4:30 pm.

Sunday – 1-5pm
Monday – 12-5pm
Tuesday – 10am-5pm
Wednesday – 10am-5pm
Thursday – 10am-5pm
Friday – 10am-5pm
Saturday – 10am-5pm

124 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401



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