Savannah Ghost Pub Crawl – Good Creepy Fun

This was our first pub crawl so I really had no expectations.  I thought it might be some corny ghost stories and a couple of beers while we listen.  I had no idea that we would hit 5 places or that we would have so much fun with strangers. The five bar stops might have helped with that…

I knew roughly where our first bar was by Chippewa square. We donned our ponchos and ran through the rain to arrive at 7:55 for the 8pm tour.  It was not raining as hard on the way so I was really, really hoping it would stop as we walk to the bars.  We found Tiffany right away and found out we were the only ones for our tour that had arrived yet.  Might as well get a drink while we wait!  I had a Strongbow and husband had a Bud Light.  They were poured into glow in the dark cups that advertised our pub crawl. It was a nice touch!


Another couple made it through the rain and introduced themselves to us while we waited for the other 12 to make their appearance. Tiffany had been calling everyone and trying to get the group together. I imagine being a tour guide in the area has to be a frustrating job if everyone is always late!  I would go nuts!  By 8:30 we had our group in the bar and ordering drinks. The rain had let up and it was time to get the show on the road.

From Six Pence we went to Mc Donoughs and on to 17hundred 90.   17 hundred 90 has this creepy mannequin in the hallway window. And we ran into the delightful couple who had rented the haunted room without intending too. They had booked it on Expedia. We all had a laugh over their reaction as they listened to our guide. Glad I was not sleeping there, sad story and creepy experiences.


Each place you can get a drink, use the bathroom and then meet back outside to hear the ghost story.  Once I still had cider left and did not order a drink at that bar.  The stories were definitely adult in nature and not something I would bring a family to.  We had fun talking to the other participants and our guide asked us all about our trips.  It was very festive as we walked from place to place!


A quick stop at the cemetery and we were off to Moon River for our final destination. The full moon made things a bit creepier and the town was pretty quiet on a Sunday night.

Moon River was the place I wanted to check out and I was hoping after our late start we would still get a chance.  We got a less than friendly reception from the bartender. I don’t understand, we had just brought him 16 customers but he was in no hurry to wait on anyone. Very frustrating because our guide was waiting on our group to take us upstairs. And ultimately we chose not to visit there again for the rest of our stay.  I did not want to deal with it if that is how they treat customers.

Upstairs in Moon River we were all sweating, it was very hot and stuffy.  I understand why they do not visit here in August.   The guide told us of the interactions some people have had in the rooms.  Generally now the area is used for storage for the brewpub.  You can see at one time it was a very beautiful space, with a very creepy reputation!



Husband and I did have weird things happen here but they also could be explainable. We are not sure what really was going on up there but it was memorable!

Our group did not want to quit the fun so we popped next door to Churchills.  Another round and a couple of more ghost stories before Husband and I headed back to the hotel.

The walk back in the dark around midnight was beautiful. No one was out, the lights were on and it was peaceful. We laughed more about our group and the crazy stories we heard. It was a great first pub crawl and Husband declared it the highlight of our trip!

Saturday night we were on the riverfront area and the bars were very crowded.  IF you can I would recommend avoiding Friday or Saturday night IF you want a less crowded experience.  I was glad we were able to do our crawl on Sunday night instead.

The cost was $20 a person but currently if you book online you save $2.  The crawl lasts around two and a half hours.  And they have tours nightly.

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5 thoughts on “Savannah Ghost Pub Crawl – Good Creepy Fun

  1. My daughter and I almost did this a couple of years ago when we visited Savannah! Sounds like so much fun – might just have to “force” myself to go back!

  2. Ha! What a neat idea!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

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