Anniversary Trip Final Dinner at Garibaldi’s in Savannah

I wanted our last evenings dinner to be special. Please no burgers and fries, Husband wanted a steak and I wanted a nice salad or chicken. We looked at the Olde Pink House menu, 17 hundred 90 and Garibaldi’s.  I secretly wanted Olde Pink House but Husband picked Garibaldi’s for their steak.  He wanted to try the grilled New York strip with mushrooms.

We arrived around 7:20 and put our name in for a table.  Online reservations at Open Table showed openings at 8pm so I figured we were nothing out for trying a little before that.  We stepped next door to wait where I introduced him to the Anthropology store.  He was also impressed by their display pieces!  On the way back we encountered one of the less savory sides of Savannah. The passed out twenty something on the sidewalk… He was out cold!


We checked back with Garibaldi’s and were immediantly seated in the back corner. That was fine because being on vacation Husband was a little under-dressed compared to many of the men.

Our waitress immediately came to take our drink order. I was offered bottled water but went with the good old free tap water.  She was spot on all night with her service. All of the servers we saw seemed to be very, very good at their jobs!  The only downside is the restaurant was very noisy. It was hard to hear the featured dishes our server was telling us about. I am sure the tin ceiling contributes. And it can be a little dark inside.


Husband was so excited by the seafood options he decided against getting the steak.  He can eat steak at home, we cannot get fresh seafood as easily!  He started with the featured appetizer which was oysters from three locations. I started with the Poached Pear Salad.  The goat cheese fritters were warm and really went well with the cold salad.



Husband was like a giddy school boy over those oysters.  And for his entree he went with the Lobster Rabini. Fancy name for two lobster tails with Fettuccine Alfredo and a side of asparagus.  I had the Chicken Milanese which was served with Mac n Cheese.



He loved his meal and I raved about mine. We spent the rest of the evening talking about how good our food was! This was hands down our best meal of the trip.  It was also the most expensive, it might even be the most expensive meal we have eaten to date.  But so, so worth it.  We both agreed if we are ever in Savannah again we would eat at Garibaldi’s!


And for the record I did get to spend a little time at the Olde Pink House.  We found the bar entrance to the left of the front door, and went in for a glass of wine to finish the evening.

Garibaldi’s is open every night at 5pm.

They are located at 315 West Congress Street in Savannah.

Reservations at 912-232-7118


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6 thoughts on “Anniversary Trip Final Dinner at Garibaldi’s in Savannah

  1. I will put it on our list of places to try!

  2. Wow, that looks like a great dinner!

  3. malaysianmeanders

    That look so delicious. I think I’d go for seafood, too. I also find that I am underdressed when on vacation. On the other hand, we usually have the kids with us which naturally eliminates the fancier restaurants anyways.

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