New York City Two Days Planning – Checking out Times Square

I am a planner. I like to research and I like to have a general idea of how my vacation is going to proceed.  I am trying to say “Yes” more.  Be more spontaneous!  Its harder than it sounds but I am trying.

The opportunity came to crash with friends in Brooklyn for a few days.  Awesome and I would love to go, except I have a job and a friend’s wedding on Saturday…  Wednesday night a friend told us about a killer airfare from Midway to New York, jokingly I told Daughter wouldn’t that be fun.  We did not have time to go this summer, pretty much every weekend is booked and getting off work can be hard.  Pipe dream, see what next year brings.  Husband said if you can get off work, you should go.  Really, he is not a spontaneous person either.  I was pretty sure I could not afford the airfare let alone get off work.  Ha, ha, ha.  I could afford airfare, actually it was pretty cheap for short notice.  But I had to ask off from work and that was given a green light also if I could squeeze around my deadlines.

This was Thursday morning, bought my airline tickets in the afternoon and flew to New York on Saturday for a few days!  Crazy!  Even crazier was Daughter’s reaction when she got out of school Thursday to be told she was going to New York on Saturday.  She was pretty excited to say the least!

We got ourselves packed up and for the first time in a year all of  my flights were on time.  Found the apartment with no issue and we were in Brooklyn!!!!!  Daughter had picked out a few things she wanted to see on the trip and number two was Times Square.  All I knew was I could get there on the Q train so off we went into the city that made Chicago look like a little burg.

Now people who have visited will get this little funny. We popped out of the train station at the Time Square station with several exits and found ourselves in the theater area.  We went right instead of left. LOL!   Took a nice little walk of the area before we found where we wanted to be.  Actually daughter saw the huge H&M Store and was in heaven. So that little detour got us to Time Square by accident.



I don’t know what I really expected but I was not too impressed.  There were a lot of lights and shops.  But also a lot of people (I know I am in NYC.)  Really it was overload and after a few pictures and shops we were ready to go.  I expected to see people dressed as characters but I was really put off by the amount of mostly undressed people.  It was 6pm and naked cowboys, naked cowgirls, girls in thongs, and body builder guys in the thongs just was gross.



We hit the Hershey shop and the M&M store just to see the displays.  A little more shopping for clothing and it was time to go back to the train.




We took a few silly pictures of the two of us…



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7 thoughts on “New York City Two Days Planning – Checking out Times Square

  1. Buy a ticket on Thursday, leave on Satuday: I would love to try that at least once! I think I actually prefer Time Square in the late fall, and maybe in the evening, there are less people dressed as characters and definitely less underdressed people.

  2. Really naked??? Gross! Why is that not illegal?

    • Think thongs and it is just gross when you are walking with your 13 year old. Someone suggested winter as a good time to visit and that seems like a better idea!

      • I’ll bet! Lol
        We went to Chicago when the weather was nice, but not too warm. No freaky dressed (or undressed people). And we went to a lot if stores!! 🙂

      • Love Chicago! Everyone seems like wear clothing that on all of our visits.

      • IF you are interested YouTube has a few selections of the not so well dressed entertainers of Times Square. Even my husband was surprised what was allowed.

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