Club Carlson Points Flash Sale!

Its back again!    This sale ends 5:29pm EDT today Friday June 27, 2014.

You get a 75% bonus on points purchased. So buying 40,000 points will be $280.00 plus you get a bonus 30,000 points.   Or $.0385 cents per point.  I bought in to use for a summer weekend at the Radisson Blu in Chicago.  Nightly rates are well over $280 in the summer and often around $340 for a Saturday night in a king bed.

If you have the Club Carlson Visa Card, that’s like paying $140 per night for stays at properties that would cost 50,000 points per night with your 2nd nights free redemption.

Or you can break up the points and use them in a lower cost hotel.  One night in a 38,000 and one night in a 28,000 point a night room. 

If you went to Walt Disney World you could stay at the Park Inn Orlando for 15,000 a night and do 4 nights on points. Instead of pay $138 a night (which would be $552 plus tax) you would pay $280 for 4 nights.  This hotel is just off the Disney property and looks like a great way to save. 

Total is $280 for 70,000 points.   




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