Central Park in New York for Relaxing

We love to do free things on vacation, and Central Park is a great free location to visit.  After leaving the American Museum of Natural History we crossed the road to Central Park.  The girls needed some lunch and a leg rest.  My daughter chose a hot dog and soda from a sidewalk cart.  That will set you back around $7 but we were able to share it.  After a little sitting time we took off to explore the park.

There are some great photo spots with the city in the background.


There were many people out running, bike riding and lazing around the park.  People taking wedding photos and renting row boats.  The park seemed as busy as the sidewalks around Manhattan.   Boat rented for $15 an hour which seems pretty reasonable.

We hiked around a bit near the lake area…


The park is huge at 2 1/2 miles long and half a mile wide. We walked a few blocks of it before heading back out.  Its definitely a place we want to explore in the future. Daughter wants to run inside it next time.  The park also offers a carousel, a zoo and many play grounds.




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One thought on “Central Park in New York for Relaxing

  1. Sounded exactly like our day there too… Straight from the Museum into Central Park for a hot dog 🙂
    Looks like you have a lovely weather for a relaxing day!!

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