Lunching in Chinatown New York

New York health inspectors grade their restaurants A-C and these grades are displayed on-premise for the public to see. I think this is a great idea!!!  We wanted lunch in Chinatown so we were not only looking at menus in the front window but also inspection grades. I wanted an grade A with a lunch special for our meal.

We knew we either wanted sweet and sour chicken or orange chicken.  Several restaurants offered it for $11-13 according to their posted menus. It was lunch time, I wanted to save room for a snack so I wanted a lunch portion.  We stumbled upon our winner: Old Sichuan Cuisine.  The hostess saw us looking at the menu and beckoned us in for lunch.  She was working it, we saw her draw in several customers like us who had just been reading the menus on the front window.


We were seated and quickly served hot tea and peanuts.  We had the option of egg drop soup or hot and sour soup.  We both chose the egg drop.


Our food arrived quickly and was very tasty!


The lunch portion was just what we needed to fuel up for the afternoon.  The price was perfect at $5.50 each. We would both eat here again and order the same meal.  Very tasty!


Old Sichuan Cuisine

Address:65 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013
More information can be found here along with a menu:
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2 thoughts on “Lunching in Chinatown New York

  1. Kathleen

    You missed your chance! Lunch in Chinatown is dim sum, preferably in a restaurant where you are the only round eyes at the table. You pick plates from the rolling carts and share with your group (just the people with you, not with the rest of the table). The host adds up the number of plates when you are done and hands you the bill. Soooo good!

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