Giving the Gift of Travel – Sometimes They are Hard to Fool

The other day I wrote about giving our family travel at Christmas.  Daughter and Husband were excited, it was a success!  Why not repeat a good idea?

This fall Daughter and I attended an informational meeting about a school trip that is offered to Europe.  Specifically the kids would be visiting Germany and the Netherlands with a focus on World War 2.  Its an incredible opportunity for Daughter but also not cheap.  They offer the option of 18 monthly payments to lesson the blow.  Husband and I talked, then Daughter and Husband talked and we told her it just not an option right now.  Maybe in the spring if there was still room we would revisit the idea…

Then through the magic of email I contacted the teacher hosting the trip and let her in on the Christmas secret.  I was able to sign up Daughter for the trip and keep it quiet for the most part.  I let a huge slip one day but she never even caught my mistake!

I thought I would step it up for this one!!!!

Since she is a little older I found a smaller box, like video game sized.  Inside I wrapped an envelope…



Inside I put pictures of the places she would be visiting…



I think Daughter was happy. She claims that she figured she would be going but I think her smile gives it all away!


Even if Daughter did know about the trip it was still fun to “wrap it up” and put it under the tree.  And my family carried on the Christmas gift.  My parents, brother and sister gave Daughter money toward her trip.  She will enjoy it more than any toys or clothes!



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2 thoughts on “Giving the Gift of Travel – Sometimes They are Hard to Fool

  1. such a fun surprise for her and you! What a great idea.

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