Friends Goodwill Pirate Chaser Cruise in South Haven Michigan

Who doesn’t love a good adventure out on the high seas of Lake Michigan?  Daughter went through a pirate phase and I wanted to sail on the tall ship Friends Good Will, why not combine the two?

The Friends Good Will is docked at the Michigan Maritime Museum in South Haven Michigan.  There is plenty of parking and it is very easy to find.


Daughter had to prove she is tough enough to sail with this crew.


You need to sign on as a pirate!


You are given your pirate hat and as you can see the ship is equipped for battle if need be.


The ship will exit the harbor into Lake Michigan if the weather is good.


The pirate kids help out on deck to earn their keep.


The pirates need to be on the look out at all times for the boat with the treasure.


And good pirates need to hide before an attack so you are not spotted!



We have stolen the treasure!!!!!


We had a lot of fun on our pirate cruise, you can be as involved as you want. Some parents hung out on the deck watching and others were really into the story line. Whatever you and your child are comfortable with.  The cruise lasted around 90 minutes and all children must have an adult on board. I would also recommend wearing tennis shoes or other closed toe shoes on deck.

The Friends Good Will is a replicate of an early 1800’s ship that started as a merchant ship that captured and pressed into military service.  Its an amazing piece of work, I love sailing on her on the open waters of Lake Michigan.


The Friends Good Will pirate chaser cruises are $37 per person.  They also offer sunset cruises for $42 and day cruises for $35 a person.  Tickets can be reserved here:–schedule-11/

More information can be found here:

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13 thoughts on “Friends Goodwill Pirate Chaser Cruise in South Haven Michigan

  1. Well, that is just a fun outing! Who wouldn’t want to be a pirate for a few hours? They will treasure this memory!

  2. Wow! Fun! Great shots and beautiful daughter ~ thanks, ^_^

  3. we did a similar cruise in Baltimore. My daughter prefers princesses to pirates but once on board she had such a great time. it’s a fun idea.

  4. Fun! I think there is something similar in NJ… but not sure if they set “sail” like the one you mentioned.
    I’ll bet my daughter would love to try it out!

  5. It must be fun to be there. Enjoying your shots.

  6. Good article and sharp photo-eye. Have to check this ship out as we visit MI regularly. Thanks for following my blog. Safe travels!

    • Thanks for stopping by. The ship looks great out there sailing on Lake Michigan by the lighthouse. We saw her out and about Saturday during a run when we were in the area.

  7. What a fun adventure! My grands would love being a pirate on a boat! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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