Pay Attention To Cruise Departure Times

I always wondered how do people miss their cruise ship leaving port?  There are some videos on YouTube of people missing their ships.  Like this one : IF you go off on your own the ship will not wait for your.  IF you are on a cruise sponsored excursion they are not going to leave 25+ of their cruisers behind if they are stuck in traffic.  So pay attention to the time if you visit on your own.


The ship leaves and about 10-15 minutes later this couple comes hurrying down the dock to where their ship was…



As you can see their ship got pretty far before they arrived at the dock.


We were hanging out on our verandah watching a sea turtle when we saw the upset couple on the dock.


We were told that hopefully they had their passports with them so they could fly at their own expense to the next location and meet up with the ship. Do NOT miss your cruise ship!!!!!!

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10 thoughts on “Pay Attention To Cruise Departure Times

  1. I don’t understand it either. I know that the world does not revolve around me and my interests! Lovely shots even with a sad little story to go with them.

  2. I have cruised many times and have seen this a couple of times.

  3. Oh, that’s awful! I hope they made it at the next destination.

  4. Thankfully on the one cruise we went on, it was docked overnight. So, it left in the morning and we really didn’t have any reason to be “off” the boat when it left. But I’m sure I’d be beyond paranoid about getting back in time, even though I’ve been known to be late. I hope they were ok! Thanks for sharing with Creative Style!

  5. Thanks for sharing this at the Say G’day Saturday linky party. I just pinned your post. We cruised for the first time in January and were pedantic about getting back with heaps of time to spare!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

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