Disney Dream Cruise Take Two!

We chose to sail again on the Disney Dream while on our Disney first cruise.  The re-booking advantages were large enough to lure us back in.  Husband had such a good time that when I showed him costs on our last night he said to go ahead and book it for a day longer this time.

We were lucky enough to have the same room and it was fun to see many of the people who made our first cruise spectacular!  With a longer cruise and being our second time we felt less pressure to do everything.  We watched the sunset each night and took it easier.

And we seemed to have cruise ship company the whole way to the Bahamas which was unusual…


Our room steward remembered us from last time and made our trip extra special…



And our server quickly learned that Daughter lives for Disney’s Mac-n-Cheese as a side to any meal…


Our previous server was off visiting his family so we did not get a chance to catch up with him. We request a server each trip, Disney cannot guarantee your request but its always been fulfilled for us….  Kruno was great and we would recommend him also!

Its the little touches that make Disney worth every penny for our family…


And being able to spend our afternoons this way isn’t bad either…


There is the late night room service turkey leg snack.


And the best part is that the whole family has a great time. We have to drag Daughter back to the room after midnight to get some sleep.  She is either playing dodgeball, watching a movie or hanging at the Edge! You can do as little or as much as you want!




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2 thoughts on “Disney Dream Cruise Take Two!

  1. I love cruising. We’re taking a Nickolodeon cruise this Christmas. I wonder how it compares???

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