How the heck did we end up seeing the chicken cross the road in Grand Cayman?


Not sure why the chicken crossed the road but the cars stop for them in Grand Cayman.


We were planning a carnival cruise for our anniversary when the swine flu hit the media.  No big deal, wash the hands a lot and carry on with life was our plan.

Then cruise ships started to cancel for Mexico. Our ship was scheduled to visit Cozumel. A day before we left I was contacted and told Cozumel was off and they would be in touch.  Hmm, there went all the plans I had made for Cozumel!

We were in the airport hoping our cruise was going to visit a port, several ships went to sea for 3 days and came back.  I didn’t want to experience 3 days at sea and go no where! The phone rang during our lunch and a recording told us we were going to Grand Cayman instead.  I was pretty happy even if I had no time to plan any excursions.

Money was a little tight so instead of paying for a cruise excursion we chose to find a beach, call home and have some lunch.  This took a little time as the ships dock out farther and you need to tender in by boat.


The water was an amazing color in Grand Cayman!



All over town there we found pirate statues to pose with. We had planned to swim but the weather was not that nice during our visit so we bagged that idea and walked town.


Lunch was at Maragritaville…


They had a water slide but not the best food. I don’t think we will visit another one we were not very impressed.

I was glad to get off the ship for a few hours and see a new place.  It was pretty but I have other islands I would rather visit again.






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9 thoughts on “How the heck did we end up seeing the chicken cross the road in Grand Cayman?

  1. Sorry your trip to Cozumel was canceled. We have been to both but our trips are always scuba trips so we don’t spend a lot of time in town. We were in Grand Cayman a few months ago and it was a good trip but I prefer Little Cayman. Can’t wait to see where you go next. I love to travel.

  2. malaysianmeanders

    It must have been nerve-wracking to not know whether or not you’d actually get to go into port somewhere. Grand Cayman seems like a nice alternative.

  3. InsideJourneys

    Annoying when your itinerary gets changed mid-trip. Except for the food (and the fact that it isn’t Cozumel), sounds like Cayman wasn’t a bad trade off.

  4. eclecticshorebird

    Cute post. Looks like you made the best of the situation – and in the end it’s a great post.

  5. Jann Olson

    Glad that you got to go somewhere and not have to spend all of your time at sea! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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