Saving points for a “rainy day” or to drag your Mom across the state on 48 hours notice

My parents are good sports.  They put up with my desire to travel and sometimes they are even willing to come along.  To be able to travel on a whim I try to keep some points available because I usually have more points than money to spend.

I was reading my Facebook updates when I saw that Kristen from “We are that family” was going to be at a women’s conference on the other side of the state.  I was so excited!  I had stalked her blog for years, reading it daily and here she was going to be with in driving distance.  I HAD to go!!!!

This was a Wednesday I think and the conference was bright and early Saturday morning in March 2013.  The conference was free, even better!!!!   So I went thru my mental list of people who might be able to come with me, it was a short list.  My sister had to work, others had their kids and it was short notice.  Called up my Mom who was game and I went to work on hotel options. There were not very many hotels out there.  And to make things more interesting in March I usually have very little extra money in the budget to do fun stuff.   So I had to use hotel points to make this work easily.

This is why I collect points, IF some opportunity knocks I can still go. I don’t have to say I don’t have the money right now for a $125 hotel room.

I booked with my priority club points at the Holiday Inn Express.  Upon arrival we received an awesome upgrade to a two queen room suite.  Perfect since it was my Mom, Daughter and her friend.  We had plenty of room to sprawl out for the night.  The girls swam in the pool for a couple of hours, dinner was Little Caesar’s that I picked up around the corner from the hotel. Breakfast was at the hotel and $7 for the lunch at the free conference.

So our sudden crazy trip was $0 for the hotel, $8 for Little Caesar’s and $14 for lunch. The kids were able to eat free at the conference.  And gas to drive 3 and a half hours each way.  This is why I keep hotel points around in a few programs, you never know when you get an opportunity!

If you get a chance please check out “We are That Family”.  Kristen and Mercy House are doing some incredible work over in Kenya with pregnant girls living in extreme poverty.

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