Itching to Travel Over Labor Day

On the up or down side (depending on how you look at it this miles/ points hobby) there is an itch to travel.  The Labor day weekend is coming up and I have hotel points and airline miles.  I also have nothing booked and something I should do on that Sunday.  But the little voice in my head says you have hotel rooms or a flight, find something!  Take that last summer family vacation!!!!  So while a couple of things are running in the back ground I went to just look at flight options…

Google Maps for flights is a great tool when you do not know where you want to go specifically!  Its great for giving me ideas for the family. I have my list but I know Husband does not want to visit Denver to see the Chihuly installation at the botanical gardens next week.  And Daughter would love to go back to New York, that is not on Husbands list either.  We need a neutral ground location that is probably going to include a beach.


Google flight maps allows you to enter dates, your departure airports and then it shows flight prices to various cities.  It would be $450 rt to Brownsville if we made a beach/ seafood run.  Or $305 rt to Tampa if we wanted to visit Clearwater Beach for the weekend.




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2 thoughts on “Itching to Travel Over Labor Day

  1. Amber

    I also am itching to travel soon. Even if it’s not a Disney vacation. Lol
    I live across the street from the beach, so I’m thinking more like going to the mountains, or the Grand Canyon again. 🙂

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