Save on Spices


Where do you buy your spices? I like to purchase mine in bulk from the local Seventh Day Adventist store. They are stored in glass jars with a scoop allowing me to purchase as much or as little as I need. And the prices are so reasonable this way.  I am not locked into purchasing over priced jars at the grocery that will go bland before I use them up!  I store mine in these little jars from an older spice set.



I spend $.85 for Italian seasoning vs $2-3 for a jar. And its fresher also!

What out of the box options do you have for purchasing spices? I would love to hear new ideas!

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8 thoughts on “Save on Spices

  1. I buy bulk spices also, at a health food co-op. Many of them are even organic, yet at a lower price than the regular ones in the supermarket, and avoiding the extra packaging is good for the environment. I have price comparisons in my article on bulk food in reused containers. Many other foods are cheaper that way, too!

  2. I buy most of my spices at the Amish store… or the Dutch Market (Mennonite store). Neither are at all close to my house… they are both about 2 hours away… so when in the area I stock up… the spices are good, the containers are great and the price is wonderful. Thank you. 🙂

  3. My local grocery store has bulk spices so that’s where I get them. Except for basil which I grow every summer and then dry. I like to freeze my basil too, because it really retains freshness that way. In the past I’ve also had luck growing dill, but not this year.

  4. kim

    I don’t really have a spice plan, but I have a lot of spices. I probably should look into some strategies.

  5. lulubushman

    What a good idea! I’ll have to look into what options are available where I live. Thanks for sharing at On Display Thursday, come again!
    -Leia @ Eat It & Say Yum

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