Are You Really Living?

I came across this cartoon a couple of times on Facebook and it made me laugh…


At the time I thought how true! We have all seen the family at the restaurant playing on their phones instead of talking to each other.  The group of friends, all on their phones texting or posting.

But then this week again I heard about people who were taken far too early, too young, too soon, whatever you want to say… We all think we have plenty of time to spend together!

We will take that family vacation next year, or I will go to Alaska when I retire.  I will make it to her ball game next week, or next month I should have a free weekend…  But what if you don’t?

Put the phone down, go to the game, take the time, really live! You might not get tomorrow!


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6 thoughts on “Are You Really Living?

  1. Great point… sometimes I notice this as well, and I start missing those days that you had no choice but talk to people, instead of playing with the phone!

  2. My philosophy exactly. Everyday is a new day for new possibilities and new memories. I hate seeing when folks are disconnected in such a big way. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

  3. Amen to that!

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