Fair Trade Friday Update- September Box

It was Fair Trade Friday again last week!  My favorite Friday of the month!!!!

From their website:


Why Fair Trade?

It ensures club products were made by artisans in fair working conditions who were being paid a fair wage.

Basically, no child gave up his education, home and family to labor in a sweat shop so that your calves can be toasty in a pair of trendy boot cuffs. You can give gifts of handcrafted jewelry and unique home decor with a clear conscience. People say it’s the thought behind the gift that counts most. In this case, we’ve done some of that thinking for you.

How can we deliver such amazing products to you at a steal?

Easy. We’re not out to get rich. We truly love helping people and especially empowering the oppressed. The best way we have found to do that is let them discover their own value. Our desire is that one day, they come to see their value in the God who made them. For now, we can help them see their value in creating something beautiful that, with some marketing, will sustain or supplement their families. Plus, we work hard to establish real life relationships with many of the artisans we work with.

Let’s use one of our bags for example. They come from India. The company is Fair Trade certified, which guarantees the artisans were treated and paid fairly. By purchasing the bag (which will be an item in a club box with your Fair Trade Friday membership), you are supporting the oppressed people of India, including widows, disabled, anyone seen as unemployable or invaluable. The price of the product boils down to the wage earned by the artisan, the necessary materials, and shipping. That’s it. No one in the middle is taking a cut. And, there’s your steal.

So here was what was in my September box!!!!


I love the chevron tote! Bangle bracelets, soap, lip balm and a storage bag.

More information can be found here about Fair Trade Friday:http://fairtradefriday.club/

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14 thoughts on “Fair Trade Friday Update- September Box

  1. I recently have learned more about Fair Trade products so this post was perfect! Thanks for the link.

  2. Never heard of this club before. Thanks for sharing it on Merry Monday.

  3. kim

    Fair Trade is so important! Thank you for being a champion!

  4. Great article! Pinned. Thank you for being a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. We love partying with you! http://loulougirls.blogspot.com/
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. What a cool idea!! I am going to have to look into trying this soon 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing on #WhateverWednesday

  6. Jann Olson

    Hooray for Fair Trade! Knowing that makes the gift even more special! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

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