Market Theater Gum Wall Gross Out in Seattle

The Market Theater Gum Wall is located in/ by / under Pike Place Market.  Its in this weird little alley way between Pike and Union Streets and Post Alley. Daughter had to see this!!!!!

Its really gross if you think about the fact that people chewed all this gum!  And there is this weird minty smell in the alley from the gum.  Some people made pictures from chewed gum and some did names.



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12 thoughts on “Market Theater Gum Wall Gross Out in Seattle

  1. Amber

    Oh yuck!!! And the cat laying on it! 😛

  2. Ugh… I’m visualizing saliva everywhere. 😛

  3. FunFlyingFour

    I loved Seattle! We were visiting in July it was our first time. The gum wall is cool but so gross…whats even grosser is taking a 4 year old who just about pulled a piece of gum off the wall!

  4. Kimberly

    Oh, I forgot about the mint smell!

  5. too funny. there used to be a gum tree around here, but i’ve never seen a gum wall. i think gum to that magnitude would be more gross than neat, lol.

  6. I’ve heard of this before and it never really appealed to me. Also I hate gum to begin with, so that makes it even worse! I guess I sort of appreciate the “creativity” of the idea!

  7. dnambiar11

    Gross it is. But I really wanted to see how gross it was. 🙂 And then I read about the germ level there and since I was visiting with a 3 month old, I gave it a pass.

    Did you say that that was a plastic cat?

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