Seattle Aquarium is Daughters Favorite

We are lucky to live close enough to Shedd Aquarium to be able to visit every year or when the whim strikes us.  We appreciate a good aquarium and often seek them out on our trip.  Seattle Aquarium blew us away!

After spending the morning at Pike Place Market we walked toward the waterfront to the aquarium.  And rows of school buses caught my eye.  Did I really want to visit with lots of school children?  No!  We decided to enter just to see how bad it truly was.  Lucky us, the kids were headed out!!!!!  Here is the crazy part, since the kids just left there were very few people at the aquarium and lots of staff / volunteers!  It was amazing!

Daughter loves touch tanks and Seattle had the best we have encountered yet!  The Life on the Edge exhibit was an example of the local tide pools. She was able to touch not only Sea Stars but she loved making the Sea Cucumbers and Anemone shrink in.  And then a volunteer let her feed a sea urchin, she was in heaven.  We might have spent almost an hour at the touch tanks, there was no one else around so she had the tanks to herself.  We even hit them again on the way out!

The Underwater Dome was very interesting. There was a huge starfish that Daughter stood in front of to make her appear to be wearing it on her head.  They do a feeding in here at 1:30, be early this did get crowded even though the aquarium was pretty empty.  I think everyone in the building was here!

We saw a Puffin in the bird exhibit and the Sea Otters were so captivating.  We might have watched them for over twenty minutes.  They were diving for clams and then cracking them open while swimming on their backs.  So cute!!!!!

This aquarium was outstanding, maybe because it had items we do not see in the Midwest or Florida.  We cannot wait to go back again, its on the list for our next Seattle trip!

Ticket cost:

Adult (ages 13 & over) $21.95
Youth (ages 4-12) $14.95
Child (ages 3 & under) Free
Seniors 65+ $2.00 off
Persons with disabilities $2.00 off
Active Military (ID required)
and dependents
$2.95 off


Sorry I could not find my flash card, only my shutterfly book of the trip.

More information can be found here:

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4 thoughts on “Seattle Aquarium is Daughters Favorite

  1. FunFlyingFour

    We went to the aquarium on our trip to Seattle and we too were impressed! Here in Okinawa we have an amazing aquarium however for our daughter the Seattle Aquarium was so much more hands on, smaller yes, but impressive nonetheless and the staff were everywhere and always eager to chat. I loved that!

  2. kim

    Thank you for sharing this great attraction!

  3. Jann Olson

    I haven’t been to Seattle for quite a long time, but we loved it! Thanks for sharing this with SYC.

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