Pacific Science Center King Tut Exhibit

Daughter LOVES ancient Egypt artifacts. If we are in a museum this is usually where we spend most of our time.  She wanted to see the King Tut exhibit when she was very young and was so excited to view it now!

I saw on the website when I was purchasing tickets that they had a membership discount for ASTC members.  I emailed them for the code and was able to save $5 a ticket. We also sprung for the audio tour after reading reviews. That was incredibly helpful as it allowed us to move at a pace that worked for our family.

We cued up at the Pacific Science center entry door with twenty other people a little before 9am.  And we waited, and waited until 9:05 when the doors still did not open. Someone called the science center and was told to enter on the backside in the courtyard.  A note on the door would have been helpful, I imagine this happened daily on Denny Way.

We found a larger line in the courtyard and traded in our email confirmation for tickets.  From there to the line for the King Tut entry, the entry line was short and we were inside in under 15 minutes.  We were given headphones and instructions on using the self audio tour.  Very easy!

I have to say I was incredibly impressed by the King Tut exhibit! It was huge!  I thought a room or two might house the artifacts. The exhibit went on for many rooms. We were in there almost two hours!  Very well done with lots of detailed information!

tut 1

Tut 2

tut 3

We felt the King Tut part was very much worth the under $25 a person that we paid. The rest of the science center I will review next.

Location: Pacific Science Center, 200 Second Ave. N., Seattle.

Cost: Adults, $27.50-$32.50; ages 6-15, $16.50-$21.50; ages 3-5, $15.50-$20.50; ages 65 and older and students with ID, $24.50-$29.50. Lower price ranges are for Mondays-Thursdays, higher prices Fridays-Sundays and holidays. IMAX film additional $4; optional audio guide, $6.

More information:

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