Detroit Airport Qwik Park

As part of our Fairfield Inn package we had parking at the next door Qwik Park.  We have utilized Qwik park at this airport and others in the past.  I hate schlepping my luggage through the airport and trying to remember where I parked.

Qwik Park makes airport parking much easier. Upon arrival you are given a dated ticket and asked what airline you are flying on.  They direct you to a lettered parking area, this time we were in “I”.  The Qwik Park mini bus follows your car while you park.  They give you a parking slip with the location of your car and a phone number if you need to contact them.

The driver helps you load your items and drops you curbside outside your airline.  Even though you are parking off site I often feel I am at my airline faster than parking at the airport.  When you arrive after your flight head down to the outside transportation shuttles.  I have never waited more than five minutes for a Qwik Park shuttle. I have never had to call for a pickup.  This trip a shuttle was already waiting in the pickup area.

The Qwik Park shares a drive with the Fairfield Inn.  They offer a AAA discount and coupons on their website.  More information can be found here:

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