Using Uber to get around near DC

I had never had the opportunity to use Uber before. I had read the rave reviews, the questionable business practices in some cities and the taxi driver protests.  And to be honest I avoid taking a cab if I can. So I was hopeful for our first Uber experience.

At the Udvar center I requested our first Uber car.  It took about 8 minutes for the car to come rolling up the drive and having the license plate was helpful.  I am not good with car types to that information is kind of lost on me, red Toyota would be more helpful.

Our driver was very friendly and had us to the Radisson Reagan hotel in Arlington in a very reasonable amount of time.  Our cost would have been $53 plus tip but I also had a $25 credit in my account.  That is a very reasonable trip for the distance we covered.  I had heard it could be a $70 + cab ride from Dulles to Arlington.

We went on to use Uber two more times, from the zoo to Georgetown and Georgetown to our hotel again in Arlington.  Each time we had a friendly driver and I found the cost to be very reasonable.  I would recommend Uber to anyone looking for a way to avoid a cab.

If you would like to start out with $30 Uber credit please sign up under my link.   Sign up using my promo code and get $30 off your first ride:

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2 thoughts on “Using Uber to get around near DC

  1. Thanks! I shared this forward. I have several friends who have tried this; all share your experience☺

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