Our Foray into Ethiopian Food

My cousin suggested we find an Ethiopian Restaurant while in DC for something new.  We pitched the idea to my sister with the promise that if she was hungry afterward we would find her something she recognized to eat. With some reservations she agreed and I had list of place to try depending on where we ended up around dinner time.

We oddly were back at our hotel around 7pm after leaving Georgetown. (I had a place in mind if we stayed in Georgetown but everyone was ready to head back.) Luckily a place with great reviews was just around the corner from our hotel.

Harar Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant was relatively full when we arrived.  This  picture is from Trip Advisor as the tables were close and it seemed rude to take a picture.


We had no real idea what to order so we went with a combo plate and let Daughter pick a dish. She went with chicken and rice.  The waitress was very helpful in explaining what the combo plate items were and suggest a great honey wine.


We had way too much food.  We could have easily just gone with the combo plate for the three of us.  We were not very good at eating with the bread, our tkable was a mess.  We had a good time, the food was good and it was a new experience!

Daughter has told Husband several times he needs go visit DC with us and eat here.  i think it was a success!

Harar Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant
542 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202
More information can be found here: http://www.harar-mesob.com/
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