Smithsonian American History Highlight Tour

After a very successful Air and Space tour we adopted the tour strategy for the next museums we planned to see. We knew there was so much information and no way to see everything.  The highlight tours we figured would cover the “big stuff” and we could fill anything we had really wanted to see after the tour.

We arrive at American History just after the opening for the morning.  Rode the yellow line in again from Crystal City and walked the short bit to the museum. We could tell already at bag check this morning was busier.  We caught the 10:15 with around a dozen or so other people from the visitors center.  The group was just large enough and some people did break off once the tour started.

We started with the Greensboro lunch counter and Jefferson’s desk.  A Vietnam war helicopter and the inaugural gowns wore by the first ladies.


And Daughter loves to read the Smithsonian magazine, she spotted the “football” in a display.


We went down to Julia Child’s kitchen which was on my list of must see items.


And ended with the huge star spangled banner.  Such an impressive display!!!!

Our tour guide was an older gentleman who had great information not only about each item but also about meeting guests who visited the Smithsonian and had a connection to an item.  The tour was very well done and last until 11:30.

We viewed a few other items and at a little after noon figured it was a great time to break for lunch.

Currently highlight tours are given at 10:15 and 1pm.  More information can be found here:

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3 thoughts on “Smithsonian American History Highlight Tour

  1. That museum is so fun because you never know what will engage your kids. My then 5YO loved the first ladies’ gowns and seeing what was “fancy” at different points in history. missed Julia Child, so will have to catch that next time.

    Tours really do help you get the most out of a museum in a more compact amount of time, which helps with kid-size attention spans. We’ve learned to look for them, too.

  2. kim

    So fun! You guys seem like you are having a wonderful time!

  3. Really interesting. If we ever happen to be in DC we’ll def take the nipper there. Cheers!

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