Taking the Natural History Smithsonian Tour

Going back to DC I would change a few things. #1 would be to visit the natural history museum first thing in the morning when it opened.  I anticipated spending the most time here so we chose to spend the second half of our days here.  I would instead visit American History in the afternoon…

We arrived a little after one at the natural history museum to throngs of kids.  It was borderline chaos! A longish line for bag check and yelling kids all over the levels.  We waited a few moments for the 1:30 tour and this group was very large.  With the noise it was at times hard to hear the guide depending on what room we were in.

We began in the gems and minerals, learning about the Hope Diamond.  And other interesting stories about jewels located in that room. Fascinating that the Hope Diamond was mailed to the Smithsonian!

Then we moved on to whales, giant squid, moon rocks and Lucy,  Our guide was very good at explaining everything from how much whales eat to how they pieced together Lucy.  Unfortunately a little after 3pm we had to bail on the tour.  We wanted to visit the mummies and a few other items before leaving for the day.



We were a bit disappointed by the mummies.  Maybe we have seen too many large displays?  It just seemed to be such a small corner, we expected more.


Tours are offered at 10:30 and 1:30 daily.  More information can be found here:http://www.mnh.si.edu/visit/

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