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Free Amusement with a Shovel

While walking on the beach in front of our hotel one morning we found a little green shovel.  On the way back it was still sitting in the sand by itself so we let Daughter pick it up for use.

What could a teenager possibly need a toy shovel for?  Digging out crabs of course!

Crab digging

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The night before was very cool, we had on jeans and sweatshirts on the beach. So the little crabs were not running around at night.  Husband and Daughter found the holes and wanted to see how deep the crabs would dig.  Turns out the answer is they will dig pretty deep!

Crab digging

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And the crabs were none too happy about having their afternoon disrupted!


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Melbourne Super Flea

We had nothing planned for Friday really.  We wanted to hang out on the beach a little and do whatever came along.  We saw an ad for the Super Flea and decided to check it out.  It was an easy 20 minute drive from the hotel.

Being right after Christmas some vendors were not set up, not surprising really.  This place had pretty much anything you wanted.  We found a couple cheap souvenir T-shirts.  Vendors had mostly new items but some people were selling vintage.  There was also two bars and many food locations.  Used books, new knives, cell phone accessories and sun glasses.  You could even get your car washed in the parking lot.

Melbourne Super Flea

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Melbourne Super Flea

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Lots of fresh fruits and even some pets for sale.  Also several booths selling plants and one with orchids.


More information can be found here:

Renninger’s Super Flea
4835 West Eau Gallie Blvd.
Melbourne, FL 32934

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Sun on the Beach for Breakfast

Some food experiences stick with us for years.  Breakfast at Sun on the Beach is one of those experiences, Daughter said it was like “Joe’s but for breakfast!”  (Joe’s is legendary in this family for seafood lunches.) We were so impressed we tried to get Husband to go back the next morning.

I found Sun on the Beach through Groupon.  I paid $12 for my Groupon for $20.  I figured they would be closed on Christmas and they were. But we visited them the day after while Husband was relaxing at the hotel.  He is not much of a breakfast person.

We arrived a little before 9 and the place was packed. We found two stools at the bar instead of waiting for a table. A few minutes later the line was getting quite long for a table.

The menu had so many savory options, that was nice to see.  Shrimp and grits, Cajun fried crab and filet and eggs.  I love crepes so I was very excited to see several crepe options.

Daughter was excited by the whipped cream pile on her french toast and hot cocoa.  She was almost licking the plate.  She ate everything!!!!! The portions were huge.  My wild berry crepes were so delicious!



Our total was $20.25 before our Groupon.  We couldn’t have done that if we tried to hit $.25, too funny!

We loved Sun on the Beach.  We will eat here again, it was so good!  We would like to try it for lunch sometime but breakfast was outstanding!

More information here:

1753 North Highway A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

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Space Coast Lightfest

After our filling Christmas dinner we headed five minutes up the street to the Space Coast Lightfest.  I really didn’t know what to expect but figured it was a good way to end the holiday.

The Lightfest is comprised of many light displays wrapped around the park.  After paying a volunteer asks you to turn off your lights and slowly wind around the park viewing the lights.  You are welcome to make the loop as many times as you wish before exiting.


Almost half way through is a picnic pavillion with bathrooms. Also they were selling hot cocoa for $1 and smore’s kits for the kids to grill up.  We paused for a few for Daughter to have a hot chocolate on the holiday.


Space Coast Lightfest

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Some of the light displays, like Santa and his reindeer are so massive its hard to get a photo.

Space Coast Lightfest

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It took us a little over 40 minutes to see everything including the hot cocoa stop.  Perfect ending to the festivities for the evening.  We headed back to the hotel.  The pool and hot tub were empty so we couldn’t resist a soak to end the night.

More information can be found here:

2785 Leisure Way, Melbourne FL

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Red Ginger Christmas Dinner

After our debacle the night before I was happy to have dinner reservations for Christmas evening.  I had made reservations on Open Table for 5:45pm at the Wickham location of Red Ginger.  It was only fifteen minutes from the hotel and we had stopped to change clothes after playing on the beach for a while.

The restaurant was 3/4 full when we arrived and we were quickly seated in the large main room.  Our waiter was very attentive and in a holiday mood.

Husband started with the five piece sampler.  Brave Daughter tried a bite but did not enjoy this seafood.  Yuck!

Red Ginger

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We then ordered different items so we could share and try.  Husband knows he will get the left overs later so he usually does not try too much at the table.

Red Ginger Orange Chicken

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Daughter got her usual Orange Chicken.  It was very good, I love it and was glad she shared a bit with me.

Husband went with a beef dish and I went with Mother’s Filet.

Red Ginger

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Red Ginger Mothers Fav Filet

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Mine was really good, so tender!  Everyone had more than enough for their meal and we took almost half of everything back to the hotel for later.  Fortune cookies for dessert and we rolled out the door.

More information can be found here:
The Red Ginger Restaurant Chinese Cuisine and Sushi
6300 North Wickham Road Suite #127
Melbourne, Florida 32940
Phone: (321) 242-1167

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Patrick AFB Beach Christmas Walk

On the way back to our hotel Husband had a great idea.  Why not stop at a secluded beach to beach comb?  We had seen a couple of empty beach parking lots across from the airforce base.

We were at the perfect time when the tide was low.  I think we walked a couple of miles up and down that empty beach.  It was perfect!


Christmas day was very cloudy and a little cool.  It had been in the 80’s the days before.  We found several larger shells, skipped rocks and relaxed in the silence.

This beach has free parking and is located on A1A between Cocoa Beach and Satellite Beach.  We saw one other person in the distance during our visit and no low flying aircraft.  It was perfect with just the three of us!

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Golf n Gator – Christmas Gator Cuddling

Golf n Gator was open on Christmas afternoon!  It was exactly what we were looking for.  The chance to compete against each other and show off our lacking skills!

They offer two 18 hole courses, we had a coupon from a brochure at the hotel with a $1 off on 18 holes or $2 off on 36.  We chose to go with 18 holes because we had dinner reservations and other things to do later. Where you pay also offers souvenirs and snack items, so Daughter grabbed some food.  Afterward we purchased a nice Christmas ornament for our tree to remind us of our fun.

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Christmas Day Park Hopping

We had figured out nothing was open in Melbourne Beach on Christmas day outside of the hotel.  We decided to head back to Cocoa Beach figuring more would be happening with more tourists in that area.

Great plan!  We spent at little time at Manatee Park, Daughter hates it there but I always stop to look for manatee.  Seeing two in the bay a couple of days prior while fishing I thought we might see some at the park.   Have not seen one yet there but this time we did see a dead horseshoe crab.  We are all about expanding our horizons!

Then we wanted to visit Jetty Park.  We had seen it a couple of times from the cruise ships.   Its now $15 a day for non-residents to enter by car.  No thanks, I don’t need to see it that bad.  As we drove out we saw a Holiday Inn on the same road. I didn’t even know it was there but something I will keep in mind.


Manatee park in port canaveral

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This took up a little of our afternoon but then we discovered Golf n Gator! This is what we were looking for, a little competition!


  • Manatee Sanctuary Park
  • This waterfront resource offers exercise stations, a boardwalk, picnic facilities & horseshoe pits.
  • Address: 701 Thurm Boulevard, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920



  • Jetty Park
  • Port Canaveral site featuring fishing, camping & swimming plus chances to watch cruise ships.
  • Address: 400 Jetty Park Road, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920



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Christmas Breakfast

We had plans to go out for a nice Christmas breakfast when we woke up.  After the prior nights dinner search I was having some doubts anything would be open but McDonalds.

The hotel offered a breakfast buffet for $15 a person, I would take fast food if I had to vs $45 + tip for breakfast.  We started our causeway tour again, looking at any lot that had cars in it! I was ready to search the gps for a Denny’s.

We finally found a bagel shop that was swamped with traffic! Three workers were up to their elbows throwing out breakfast sandwiches.  When we arrived the line was long and there were two kinds of bagels left. Beggars cannot be choosers!

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Finding Christmas Eve Dinner

Where we come from more things are open than not, especially until 8 or 9 pm on Christmas Eve.  We figured in a tourist area we would have no issue finding dinner.  Boy were we off, LOL!

We found Bunky’s Seafood and Raw Bar after touring around and across the causeways looking for seafood.  I had remembered reading about it and figured it was going to be better than eating fast food or at the hotel.  Texas Roadhouse was also open but we chose not to even park there when we realized by the people waiting it would be over an hour.

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