Fishing Anyone?

A week before we left Husband and i were perusing Groupon looking for our trip activities.  He saw a couple of listings for fishing and thought it sounded fun.  I went to yelp and tripadvisor to check the company reviews, not something i thought would be a good fit for us.  The reviews were horrible, check before you buy!

I then started to look at any fishing trip in the area either Cocoa Beach or Melbourne area.  Most of them were expensive charters that went on the ocean with your group.  I couldn’t spend $600 and hope the ocean would not make me sick.  Husband didn’t want to go alone with another group either.  Fishing was not looking likely!  Then tripadvisor had a promising listing: Cast Away Adventures.  They had 100% positive reviews.  And they did not go out on the ocean so that is a plus for me!

I was hoping they had openings when I called the next morning.  Sue answered the call and walked me through the fishing options.  They offer two and four hour trips for up to 6 people a time.  No one was booked yet on the morning I requested so we were able to pick an 8am start time. (If you are coming from Orlando they can start later if you need travel time.)  Husband was happy so I was happy!  Fishing is one thing we still had not tried on our travels.

Sue sent me directions in the confirmation and the dock was about 5 minutes from the hotel.  We woke up that morning to a very foggy port.  We couldn’t see our car from our room window at 7am,.  I checked my phone a couple of times but there was no cancellation.  A fishing we will go!

We arrived at the dock a little before 8 and easily found our guides for the morning, Sue and Tony.  The boat set off through the fog across the bay, they explained with the manatees that the boats were required to idle slowly to keep them safe.  By 8:30 the fog was burning off and we were catching fish near the lock.


Daughter caught the first fish, a puffer.  We went on to catch lots of puffers!  The guides were patient with our re-baiting, casting and other mishaps.  i caught rocks, the side of the locks, anything that will keep your tackle.  Husband loved it because he could fish without having to help us all the time.  I just liked being out on the water and viewing nature.  Daughter won our family bragging rights for most different fish.  Husband might have landed the most and he caught the most variety of items.  A clam shell, a bird stole his bait, & he landed a rock into the boat.  Husband has skill, my rocks stayed on the the bay floor!

fish 2

We also saw a couple of dolphins by the locks and manatee swam past us by the bridge.  I was so excited, we had not seen manatee in the wild before!  The four hours flew past, I had taken water and a few snacks but we really didn’t need them.

We all agreed this was a trip highlight!  We already are talking about going fishing again next time.

IF you have any inclining to go on a nature tour or fishing trip please call up Sue. They took care of everything and it was so nice to relax.  For more information:

Ph: 321-506-3507     email:
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5 thoughts on “Fishing Anyone?

  1. I went flats fishing in Key West with Capt. Conan Lehmkuhl. It was so much fun! We saw lots of sharks and stingrays in the shallow wart, but what I actually ended up catching were barracuda! Definitely a unique experience.

  2. Fishing is so realxing! But I never thought about booking a guide, great travel tip! Thanks for sharing.

  3. kim

    I’m with you on not risking deep sea fishing sickness! Glad you had an alternative that proved worthy!

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