Surfin’ Santas Cocoa Beach

Our goal on this trip was to experience things we could not in the snowy cold Midwest.  Surfin Santas definitely qualifies!



We checked out of the hotel a little before 8:45 and we were parking the car around 9am.  We paid a local group $5 to let us park on their lawn off from A1.  We had a short walk across the street to the beach by Coconuts.

The large group sang a couple of Christmas songs, took photos and it was time to hit the waves.  Daughter was so jealous but being sick with a cold we were not going to let her surf in the 50 degree ocean.

Surfing santas

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It was very festive!  You could purchase a $12 bloody mary for breakfast or a beer. LOL!

We chose to wait for the skydivers at 11am and people watch.  They cleared the beach several times for the sky divers to come back in 20 minutes to push the people back again.  That was kind of silly, wait until 10:40 or later and do it once…

Surfing santas

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The sky divers were impressive.  I think there was close to 20 flying in the air and landing on the beach.  They were even dressed as Santa!

A very fun was to get in the holiday spirit on Christmas Eve morning!!!!

They estimate there were 300 surfer and 4,000 spectators…  A nice write up is here:

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5 thoughts on “Surfin’ Santas Cocoa Beach

  1. Looks so beautiful there!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  2. I’m adventerous but not sure I’d sky dive!

  3. It’s kind of hard not to smile at the sight of surfing Santas.

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