Paradise Beach in Melbourne, Florida

The whole theme of our trip was doing things we could not do at home.  So we spent endless hours on the beach!  I was starving when we arrived in the Melbourne area but Husband was not hungry.  Daughter said she was not really hungry so I knew we couldn’t roll into a restaurant for lunch.  Scoping out the area we drove past Paradise Beach, and there was a food trailer.  Bingo!

Paradise Beach

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I could grab something to snack on while we walked the beach and relaxed.  It was in the low 80’s and the last thing we wanted to do was be inside someplace.  Daughter figured out she was hungry so we split a huge hotdog.  The burger looked really good!

Later on in the week we walked up the beach from our hotel to Paradise Beach.  Daughter got a large blue raspberry slushy for $2. It was huge!  She was happy the whole walk back.  They also offer soft serve ice cream, pretzels, and waffle fries for a snack.

Also parking is free for the beach. This is huge for us, we always have to pay to park at the beach!!!!! They have a large lot, some sports courts and decent bathrooms.  If you wanted to spend the day at the beach this is one we would recommend.

More information can be found here:

2301 N Highway A1a
Indialantic, Florida
(321) 210-5716
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