Finding Christmas Eve Dinner

Where we come from more things are open than not, especially until 8 or 9 pm on Christmas Eve.  We figured in a tourist area we would have no issue finding dinner.  Boy were we off, LOL!

We found Bunky’s Seafood and Raw Bar after touring around and across the causeways looking for seafood.  I had remembered reading about it and figured it was going to be better than eating fast food or at the hotel.  Texas Roadhouse was also open but we chose not to even park there when we realized by the people waiting it would be over an hour.

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Bunky's Seafood & Raw Bar

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Several families came in while we were ordering and the kids had a riot looking at the aquariums of fish.  There is a lobster in one of the tanks that is huge!

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Bunkys clams n grilled gator

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Husband knew Daughter did not like clams so that was safe to order.  He also ordered grilled gator and a side of fries to make a meal of it.  Daughter tried and loved the grilled gator.  She ate several bites of that along with her chicken strips.  I had the sliders and fries, so tasty!

Our service was fast and friendly, the food was really good.  We would visit again, and very glad it was open!

After our holiday meal we opened our stockings in the hotel room.  We lazed around in the hot tub under the stars.  The pool area with quiet at 10pm. Nothing wrong with a nice hot tub on Christmas Eve and a good glass of wine! More stuff you cannot do in the Midwest at Christmas!

More information:

Address: 2372 Florida A1A, Indialantic, FL 32903
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