Oliver Inn South Bend Girls Weekend

We made a last minute decision to go to South Bend a night early and stay at the Oliver Inn. I was not sure how Daughter would like a Bed and Breakfast so I wanted to show her the rooms and let her pick.  i liked the location of the inn and I had read that breakfast is amazing!

We arrived on Friday night a little before 6pm.  They have several parking spaces on property and I like not having to park in the street like some inns.  The carriage house is in the back of the property that would be perfect for a family or two couples to share.


Alice gave us a tour of the house and told us about breakfast.  I loved the butlers pantry that left the snacks up to us. Several inns have a set dessert time that we often miss as we are out touring.  It was nice to grab a cupcake before bed to savor and a drink.


We enjoyed the details of the stately home.  There is a chair lift if needed for guests. And the staircase is beautiful!



We spent some time reading in the library. Daughter had some new books she had taken along because she was dying to finish the series.


We saw a couple of the other rooms. This first one was the one I was leaning towards reserving.  It seemed girly and I thought she would enjoy it. I think its so pretty!



And the room she chose was Gertrudes Dressing room.  The closet is amazing! What woman would not want a built in 3 way mirror?



The reason Daughter chose this room? The whirlpool bathtub!  We each took a turn in the tub with a good book relaxing!


Daughter was hooked on this bed and breakfast stay.  She has asked where else can we stay in one?  And this was before breakfast!

Breakfast was served between 9 and 9:30 in the dining room.  We were treated to juice, chocolate croissants, scones and fresh fruit.


We sat with a family with a younger daughter so it was nice to see another kid at the bed and breakfast.  We were then served Green Eggs n Ham pizza.  I wondered how Daughter would react but she dove in and loved it.  The egg ran over the “pizza” made of pesto and ham. It was so delicious!  She ate every bite and still talks about how good it was.

We would recommend the Oliver Inn to anyone.  The carriage house is kid friendly. Several rooms are very romantic with two person whirlpool tubs.  And a few are perfect for Mother and Daughter weekends.

More information here: http://www.oliverinn.com/

The Oliver Inn Bed and Breakfast
630 W. Washington St.
South Bend, IN 46601
Phone: 574-232-4545



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2 thoughts on “Oliver Inn South Bend Girls Weekend

  1. Who doesn’t like Disney. This is the stuff daydreams are made on.

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