Things that make you wonder….

I ran across this review for a hotel I was looking at, a Country Inn and Suites on Tripadvisor that made me shake my head…. (Bolding is mine)

2 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 weeks ago

First off this review is specific to anybody who is lodging at this hotel when attending a hockey tournament in Holland (which are very common). As an out of town team there are four hotels that the tournament hosts have partnered with in which the various teams are placed. This by a long shot is the worst. To begin with the pool area is tiny and can hardly handle seating for a few parents while 20 kids try to swim in a pool that is more suitable for 3-4 (the other three hotels have much larger and open pool areas). That isn’t the real problem though. The staff have little patience for kids as they roam the hotel and make noise, try to play hockey in the halls, etc. Seriously what do they expect when signing up as a host for team of kids ages 7-10. From talking to teams at the other better hotel options I heard that the staff provided the kids conference rooms to have fun, play floor hockey, etc. This hotel however is much to small and has no such room for anything like this. The other complaint is there is very little room to host any team functions like nightly pizza parties and if you do you will be fighting with the other teams in the hotel for the minimal amount of space they have. Then as it gets later they will tell you to go to your room because of noise reasons, which I understand, but it is just clear this facility is incapable of hosting. Our whole team was highly disappointed with this hotel and cannot believe it was over $130/night. If we ever decide to come back to Holland we will be praying to get the DoubleTree or Hampton which are the same price.

  • Stayed February 2015, traveled with family

At first I thought maybe they were being sarcastic but I think they are serious…  No, please don’t, just don’t think this is acceptable in a hotel with other paying guests.  I am glad the hotel did not allow this behavior and I will stay with them in the future because of this.

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